SXSW: Texas! Thursday March 9, 2006

I leave for Austin in 9hrs. So rather than pack, I’m watching ALIENS for the umpteenth time while trying to digest all the perishable diary products in my fridge.

To procrastinate further I made a list of things to achieve in Austin:

  • See or steal an armadillo
  • Stay Sober (not a single hangover) Failed on Sunday evening.
  • -Either call down or dance off with Kris Kristopherson- Failed again! The dude split town Saturday.
  • Visit the University of Texas in Austin Campus. Either -a) Scale the Tower of U of T- b) -Wrangle up some U of T Sorority Girls- or c) Purchase a U of T Longhorns Hoodie. 3 for 3.
  • Live the Miller High Life. I love the High life baby!
  • Play with Lego
  • Pick up a pair of cowboy boots.
  • Learn to walk with a swagger
  • Toss out all stereotypes of a) Texans b) the Design Industry c) Sketchy back alley Mexican restaurants
  • Enjoy sketchy back alley Mexican cuisine
  • Enjoy aftermath of sketchy back alley Mexican cuisine
  • Flash the Hamiltons
  • Enjoy the week and get away

Five Day forecast for Austin:

Austin Five Day forecast

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