The 2010 Calgary Mayoral Election Sunday October 17, 2010

Monday October 18th is the big vote in Calgary.

And if you didn’t know this… well you’ve still got a little less than 24 hours to get informed. There are a lot of resources out there including and ““

But, if you were waiting for the Big Three Debate … Well unfortunately, that won’t be happening. cough, cough Thanks Barb cough, cough.

But, local video maven extraordinaire – Gordon McDowell – has spliced all of his Mayoral Forum footage into a 1-hour debate to help Calgarians form their own opinion.

(P.S. It was also featured on BoingBoing! – So big congrats out to Gordon on the great achievement)

So there you go, you no longer have any excuses not to vote…

What? Did you really just say the only way you’d vote is if a cheesy 1990’s Spiderman told you to vote? Oh well, fine here you go.

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