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So You Want To Start Your Own Business: Top 5 Freelancer Start-up Tips Monday October 11, 2010

As promised, I’m going to start something a bit new on the old c.t.overdrive.

So, welcome to a new series of Video Blogs called So You Want To Start Your Own Business. It’s a continuation of the discussions I’ve been involved with since partaking in the Leave Your Job, Start An Agency panel last March. Over the past few months, I’ve been asked numerous times to share some of my thoughts on how to get started as a freelancer. So over the next little while I’m going to address them in a series of video blogs.

The first one, is my Top 5 Freelancer Start-up Tips. You’ll also find links to all the sites I mention in the video clip.

… So here’s a quick synopsis for those interested.

  1. Get some low-cost Branding.
  2. Get organized by using some of the great online tools out there.
  3. Pay for all of your tools. Invest in your career.
  4. Start Networking early and often.
  5. Read, Read, Read and read even more.

Update: Comments are now open on this post. I blame textpattern on that one.

If you have any topic suggestions or ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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First post!

Now that was worth the wait.

Tony · Oct 12, 03:45 pm · #permalink


Ha. Thanks for the post Tony.

Sorry that the moderation of comments was on. The old overdrive has been hit with a few spammers recently.

Glad you liked the video blog. I’m going to have some more interesting topics coming up in the next few weeks. Discussions on pricing, when to make the jump to full time and why doing something for free isn’t always the best start-up plan.

cto · Oct 13, 09:08 am · #permalink

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