Random Thoughts For Killing Bumblebee - You Bastards Friday October 15, 2010

No word of a lie, my wife’s initial reaction to this video clip was The Bastards killed Bumblebee.

Either way footage of the Transformers accident in downtown DC is pretty hysterical. Well, if ignore the fact that this Police Cruiser was probably in a rush to somewhere really important.

First – You’ll have to forgive me, as I’m don’t have the foggiest idea on how to handle Tumblr links, but this low-key spiderman illustration is most excellent

Second – Because on a scale of one to pretty awesome, this is about a 15.

Third – Probably one of the funnier articles from the National Post in… in… well… in a long time. When did Calgary and Toronto switch personalities.

And you know what? The relationship worked. Calgarians hated the Toronto elites for their self-righteousness and their blind devotion to the Liberal Party, while the self righteous Toronto elites shook their heads and wondered what was wrong with those backwater Calgarians who would elect a donkey if you slapped a Tory logo on its behind.

Fourth – It’s project like this from JESS3 that make my job that much more exciting.

Fifth – This is a pretty Techie link, but the TechCrunch News network just got purchased by AOL for what is rumored to be about 25 million.

Sixth – Speaking of Transformers in Washington DC. Reason 452 why I heart Shia Lebouef – His girly-man run and coffee dunk of an annoying Paparazzi in Washington DC.

Seventh – Wow. In regards to the Gay vs. Straight conversation, this video of When Did You Chose to Be Straight is some kinda genius. I honestly can’t believe someone hasn’t already brought this up before.

Eighth – You know what, after posting this clip for the 2010 Scream Awards on SPIKE there really is no reason to blog anything else this week. Forget your NPH or anything else, nothing beats MJF. (via. poploser).

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