Random Thoughts For For All The Douchebags Thursday October 7, 2010

Was there any doubt that I was going to post a clip from Kanye West’s SNL performance? Come on people, you should know me by now. I’d probably have this man’s baby… You know… if I had the genetics to do so.

Anyways, check out Runaway from last weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

First – An online petition to Stop playing Soul Sister by Train in every bloody commercial known to man. (via. j3r3myjf)

Second – Oh man, I’ve already started counting down the seconds until someone starts a Team LaBeouf & Team Muniz store (P.S. Put me in Team LaBeouf)

Third – Stormtec Sand Bags are sandbags that fill up when submerged in water … Yeah! Seriously. You’re probably asking yourself, Why didn’t I think of this.

But besides being one of the most genius ideas of all time, can you imagine how this can be used for practical jokes. Oh, you want to have a nice bubble bath after a rough day at work? OH YEAH! BLAM, SANDBAGGED!

Fourth – Jersey Shore the RPG … Who needs Shining Force or Fantasy Star when you can unleash a BEAT UP THE BEAT.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

(via. senmu)

Fifth – This vintage WWI post from the motherland just screams Zak Delarocha.

Sixth – A honest and fascinating look at the nutjobs behind the Tea Party ‘grassroots’ movement.

Scanning the thousands of hopped-up faces in the crowd, I am immediately struck by two things. One is that there isn’t a single black person here. The other is the truly awesome quantity of medical hardware: Seemingly every third person in the place is sucking oxygen from a tank or propping their giant atrophied glutes on motorized wheelchair-scooters. As Palin launches into her Ronald Reagan impression — “Government’s not the solution! Government’s the problem!” — the person sitting next to me leans over and explains. “The scooters are because of Medicare,” he whispers helpfully. “They have these commercials down here: ‘You won’t even have to pay for your scooter! Medicare will pay!’ Practically everyone in Kentucky has one.”

Hmm, I think a certain c.t.overdrive had a similar observation.

(BTW if you have a few moments, please sit and read this entire article. It’s quite an eye-opening account of what this movement is really like).

Seventh – This is either epically badass or one of the weirdest promotional schemes ever. Anyways, if you’re either a NHL Fan or a Marvel Comic book fan, here is some great news for you. Stan Lee the creator of some of the greatest Superheros of the 20th Century is teaming up with the NHL for THE GUARDIAN PROJECT.

They’ve launched the initial preview poster of the superheros and here is what the Flames Guardian is going to look like.

I looked at the image for a while and couldn’t find the spiky-haired jersey-shore reject which will be the Canucks superhero or the limp-wristed fem-bot that will represent the Oilers.

Eighth – Besides an Airedale Calendar, this has to be the best calendar ever – The 2011 Zombie Craft Paper Calendar

Ninth – The 37Signals guys take aim at Facebook’s valuation (BTW, this is Facebook’s actual valuation by the stockmarket). So checkout Facebook is not Worth 33,000,000,000

Wrong. Real money is what’s left over after you pay your expenses. If the supposed billion dollars Facebook is allegedly pulling in this year was happening at anywhere a decent margin, they wouldn’t have needed a series E round of $120 million from Elevation Partners just three months ago.

But hey, at least it makes one hell of a movie.

Tenth – Maybe because it was my first entry into this new life or maybe it’s the crazy 60s aesthitics of the place, but DCA is one of my favorite airports in the world.

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