Random Thoughts For Something Cool Is A Brewing Monday October 4, 2010

Something cool is definitely a brewing in Calgary.

Get it? A brewing! Coffee! God, I kill myself sometimes

Alright in all seriousness, some very cool kids have launched the Coffee Disloyalty Program in Calgary. The idea is pretty simple, it’s a loyalty rewards program which encourages coffee drinkers to not only seek out smaller coffee joints, but to explore the wide range of 3rd wave coffee joints in Calgary. There are some great coffee places in the city and I think this a fantastic step to encourage these places to thrive.

First – This is a real article from the DCist – Virginia, Maryland Top List of Gun Exporters to The District. So to steal a line from Fuck Yeah, CalgaryFUCK YEAH DC!

Second – Just because I’m sure my wife thought I was legally insane when I started talking about Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic endeavors, it looks like the first space launch is less than 18 months away.

Third – I know I’ve actually never been to Baltimore (which will change soon), but I must have this poster.

Fourth – The good of Apple Accessory development – The iPad Etch-e-Sketch Case

Fifth – … And the horrific of Apple Accessory development – The umbilical cord iPhone charger. Press play… I dare you. I double dare you.

(via. laughingsquid.com)

Sixth – I get the strategy in leveraging a nostalgic feel to get a bigger audience, but going from the WOLFPACK to something similar to Blowhole from The Tick is kind of a step backwards? What do you think?

Seventh – I love the new spot from Converse.

I wasn’t the biggest Dr. J fan until this commercial, but you can’t deny that man’s swagger. Couple that with a great track from the White Stripes and I almost want to buy a pair of converse again.

… almost.

Eighth – This moment of zen has been brought to you by Julien Smith’s In Over Your Head blog.

Either way, you’re going to be dead soon. You might as well do something fun, in the meantime. At worst, you’ll laugh about it later. At best… well, you know.

Ninth – Last and certainly not least, every wanted to blow up c.t.overdrive? Come on. Of course you have.

Well, with this little bookmark tool you can.

P.S. For extra fun try blowing up Ric McIver’s bulbous head, because that’s hours of entertainment.

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