Nick Nolte Wake-up Saturday June 3, 2006

Nick Nolte Called he wants his son back

Jesus, Its been a while.

By my calculations. Wait, a second. Carry the 1. Divide by 10. Wow! It’s been 105 day since my last morning wake up call with Nick Nolte.

Jesus, I feel less than 30 cents at the moment. (Which means there is a looming date with the lue)

The thing that’s really killing me, besides this irritable jack hammer pounding my cranium and uneasiness in my stomach and bruised eyelids and the shakes and well maybe the quakes, is that this feeling used to be so regular. I really can’t imagine how I functioned feeling this crappy. Especially when I used to woke up like this at least 2-3 times a week. Can somebody explain to me why this was so fun?

I’ll be honest, I’ve enjoyed life more since I walked away from the fire water. Don’t get me wrong I’m no saint and I’m not here to preach myself as some sort of self righteous priest on others. To tell you the truth I want to encourage people to enjoy themselves and live the Miller Lifestyle. Some of my most cherished moments came from ctoverdriving. But since I quit this whole binge drinking thing I haven’t felt healthier in years. I find I’m less critical of myself and in more in control. And plus the whole partying-frat-boy-Frank-the-Tank lifestyle was so passe.

So why the hell am I writing about my hangover? Well, I’ve never been one to sleep off a hangover and my laptop has been halking over me like my the grime reaper. Since I woke up I’ve been guilted into writing something. I know it might be pretty awkward for you all to read this, but trust me as i sit in my boxers feeling like crap, its far more awkard to write about it. But I did promise to chronicle my attempts to quit and this is my first major tumble from the wagon. So I’m marking the occasion and moving forward. Oh well I’ve probably got an hour of immobility and then two-three hours of arguing with my stomach. Cheerio.

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