Polaris Music Prize 2010 Tuesday September 21, 2010

Ahh the Polaris Music Prize let me count the ways you’ve driven me nuts.

Well this years winner, from a field which included Teagan & Sara, Broken Social Scene and Caribou, is…

Karkwa For Les Chemins De Verre


Did you honestly think that the obvious choice would be the winner? It is the Polaris Music Prize after all . But instead of going into my usual rant, I am actually going to praise the Polaris Music Prize.

Or rlyRly.

See, I’m not surprised that a Francophone record finally won. There have been a few strong Francophone records on the shortlist in the past and it was only a matter of time. So essentially, they were due. Plus, Radio Radio’s francophone rap record is pretty decent, in the same way that some of the original Len record was kinda killer for a couple of moments.

But one of the things the Polaris Music Prize is really good at is handing out exposure. We all know that Metric, Kaa’an, Hey Rosetta, Japandroids, K-OS, and Chad Vangaalen all received a strong popularity boost for losing the Polaris Music Prize. Since everyone knows that the best artists aren’t the ones that win. Most real fans of music will go to the site and go who the fuck, there’s got to be someone better and upon further inspection will find a record that knocks their socks off.

So to the Polaris Music Prize, thank you for having Shad on this year’s short list, because he’s now invigorated my music shopping habits.

Shad – We, Myself and I by The Mad Bloggers

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Can I start proof-reading your blog posts for you? Please?

I also would have appreciated it if you mentioned that Dan Mangan would’ve been a great choice for the Polaris Prize.

Nathan · Sep 21, 10:52 am · #permalink

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