Random Thoughts For MuralLocator.org Friday September 24, 2010

On Wednesday evening, my wife and I took in our first DC Media Makers meet-up. It was a talk called Maps and Story Telling. It was incredibly nerdy, but at the same time incredibly informative. The talk revolved around the crazy mapping projects the DevelopmentSeed.org was doing in regards to events in Haiti and Afghanistan. (My wife has a great little write up on the various open source tools on Techchange.org, so check that out if you want more information).

But one of the coolest little tidbits from the talk was in regards to artistic project from one of the attendees called MuralLocator.org.

Mural Locator is a user generated project to document all of the fantastic murals in the world. It stared out as a humble little project in Philadelphia and has morphed into a full blown project. If you’ve got some time, please have a look at the site and get involved.

A quick look of the Mural Map reveals not a single image in the province of Alberta.

So get involved and help show some of the great work being done in Alberta.

First – Buzz Bishop has an interesting post on why Justin Bieber doesn’t suck, it’s just his fans.

Maybe because I don’t ever listen to popular music, but I don’t get the hate on for this kid. I understand his haircut is annoying, but the all out hatred… Come on why can’t we all just get along. Why Do Haters Gotta Hate?

SecondEl Vetica (via. jeffreypriebe)

Third – As much as people probably want to slam The Social Network as nothing more than opportunistic trash. The first set of reviews are in and some extremely heavy hitters are calling it movie of the year.

With David Fischer directing (Alien 3, Se7en, Fight Club) and Aaron Sorkin writing (The West Wing), you knew it had to be something special.

FourthMax Brooks, son of the legendary Mel Brooks and author of World War Z, has a blog.

Which on it’s own is great, but news regarding the film adaption of World War Z and Zombie Hunting in Afghanistan is incredibly interesting. But the big news is that Max Brooks has penned a few G.I.Joe Comics...

Fifth – My new man crush Anthony Bourdain, on why you are wasting your time going to Culinary School.

I ironically feel the same way about Business School.

Sixth – The Washington Wizards are changing their jersey during the 2011 season. It appears that now the Wizards are owned by Ted Leonis, who also owns the Caps, they will taking on a new Red look.

Seventh – Young kids these days are so lucky.

Apparently, Katy Perry’s recent Sesame street segment was pull because she was too boobie.

Eighth – Considering the rotten egg of a product launch in Canada and their old rival Blockbuster filling for bankruptcy protection, calling your client-base self-absorbed is probably a horrible idea.

Ha, Ha, Ha Stupid Netflix

Ninth – And solely because it’s the best hotdog place in the entire world. (Ben’s you’re a close second). Here’s a clip of the upcoming Tubby Dawg documentary.

Tubby Doc trailer from Sara Hughes on Vimeo.

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