Random Thoughts For A Social Media Marriage Made in Heaven Friday September 17, 2010

Here’s a marriage made in heaven for all you Social Media fiends and Redskins fanatics. The Redskins organization has team up with Foursquare to create a special Redskins badge and promote Redskin approved bars to watch the team in action.

Redskins + Foursquare = Social Media

Football and Geo-locational promotions! This is a marriage made in heaven. If only someone associated with the Flames or the Caps could jump on this bandwagon. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, nudge.

First – A graphical representation of the big Pop vs. Soda debate in the US. As poploser notes, Canada is solely a Pop country.

Second – Described as cross between Cloverfield and Lost in Translation, the new indie flick Monsters look amazing.

Third – I love this iPad clip solely for the scrot-retracting uncomfortableness that washes over all Apple Fan boys by the end.

(via. gostlund)

Fourth – I’m probably in the minority here, but I absolutely freaking adored Predators.

Easily one of the best homage flicks I’ve seen in a long, long, long time. It’s easy to glaze over this flick, with the slew of incredibly bad Alien Vs. Predator movies that came out over the past decade, but in a cool little 12 Little Indians way, Predators was just a fantastic homage to the 80s actionploitation films of my childhood.

(BTW, the term actionploitation is gold)

Fifth – This is for all the Slap Shot lovers in the crowd.

Sixth – An intriguing article on why Rock and Roll is officially dead.

It’s long winded and incredibly over the top, but the main points are dead on. We are no longer championing new music in the same way that even Soundgarden, Pearl Jam or Nirvana were once championed. There are no main stay acts that dominate our lives anymore, just has been wash-ups doing reunion tours. The only acts I could consider as popular now are Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, but those aren’t even Rock acts.

It’s a pretty depressing article and in the same vein is almost as depressing as know that no matter what, Michael Jackson’s Thriller will always been the biggest selling record of all time.

Think about that – of all time. How can you top Thriller’s sales, when no one is buying records anymore. (via. andrewmcintyre)

Seventh – Greatest idea ever or the oddest marriage since Dennis Rodman married himself – it’s DC’s Takorean – Korean Taco mobile BBQ truck.

Judging by the block and a half line of people we saw yesterday, I’m going to say it’s the greatest idea ever.

Eighth – And just when you think the Redskins are taking four steps forward with Social Media interaction, they take 14 steps back.

NinthBTW, if you have a moment, read my wife’s article on Simoliland’s transformation to a cash-less mobile banking society. It’s incredibly interesting, not because I’m biased, but because it’s a fascinating concept.

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Korean Tacos are the greatest thing ever.

The truck in Vancouver does that annoying thing where you have to follow them on Twitter to know where they are each day.

For some reason, they decided to follow ME… which can only help their brand. Endless links to videos about kittens = marketing genius.

Jamie · Sep 17, 12:11 pm · #permalink

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