Random Thoughts For Anthony Bourdain Friday September 10, 2010

Since landing in DC I’ve come to admire a slew of things. I’ve come to admire Trader Joe’s coffee, the craziness of the city and oddly enough rouge chef Anthony Bourdain.

This admiration started when I landed, when my good friend Mr. Arnott passed Bourdain’s No Reservations DC episode and has continued with his recent inclusion as a guest judge of Top Chef DC. If you haven’t spent some time enjoying Bourdain and his unique perspective on food and the industry, please do yourself a favour and check out his No Reservations series.

Better yet read Kitchen Confidential.

First – I love it when people say nothing cool ever happens in Calgary and then proceed to drive back to their wasted suburban community to get loaded off of Boston Pizza Team Pitchers. Pretty much every week there is something incredibly interesting occurring in the downtown core. Case in point, Theatre Junctions second annual Back Alley Party last Thursday.

(video montage courtesy of Oscar Lopez)

Second – Legendary graffiti artist (and token modern day artist that all white people love) Banksy gave his first ever interview with The Sun.

Probably the most revealing aspect of this interview is that Bansky chose The Sun of all outlets to give this interview. That would be the equivalent of the Queen giving a one on interview with … The Calgary Sun.

ThirdNicole Braseth is an Edmonton artist who is doing some spectacular work with vibrant photo collages. Each week she’s releasing a new photo.

If you’ve got a moment, do yourself a favor and check out here work.

Fourth – The 14-30 year old RPG nerd in me thinks this game is fucking stunning. It’s called Bastion and it’s just amazing.

Fifth – Spin’s Top 20 songs of the Summer.

Travesty that FCUK YOU by Ceelo isn’t number one.

Sixth – Well, well, well it appears that this isn’t the same Tim Horton’s that you remember. And it looks like it started with the switch from Fresh baked donuts to manufactured frozen junkets of dough.

Seventh – It appears that watching the Nationals is like watching the Flames circa the Dark Ages.

I know I only reserve this for the Canucks and Oilers, but Ha, Ha, Ha, stupid Nationals.

Eighth – While I think these redesigns of US Bank Notes are a fresh new take on what typically seems to be a stale design process, I just can’t imagine such a dramatic departure from the norm going over well.

If there is one thing people hate more than taxes and their rival political party, it’s people messing with their money. Even if it is a more beneficial system. One only needs to look at the initial acceptance o the Loonie (and the Twoonie) and even the numerous attempts to introduce a dollar coin here in the US.

Ninth – I know my public man-crush on Kanye West and Twitter can get a little nauseating, but I really loved this article on his use of the Social Media service.

Tenth – Here’s a too cute for words web site or a OMG this is twisted web site. It’s called Panda’s Like To Party

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