Captain America Hates Your Horrible Signs Wednesday September 15, 2010

I’ve been thinking about this post for few weeks… well, since August 28th.

Of course a few weekends ago we took advantage of life in D.C. and took in a Social Experiment courtesy of Glenn Beck and the incredibly insane Tea Party.

I’ve contemplated talking about my take on the event. I’ve thought about how impressive America is as a country – a country with the wherewithal to allow it’s citizens the opportunity to congregate en mass like this for something they truly believe in – regardless of how ridiculous the cause. Or the ill-informed nature of the Tea Party Die-Hards. Or the incredibly hilarious number of incredibly obese Tea Party alumni who are against a universal health care which could eventually come in handy once diabetes sits in. Or I could talk about all the great young people who were out in protest – saying this ludicrous notion is not the America they believe in… But I don’t think my blood pressure or this site could take that sort of rant.

So instead, I’ll let this one man and his mis-informed choice in idols sum up my feelings.

Cap'n America Still Needs Your Help.

On first glance, Captain America is probably a good choice in idols for such a patriotic assembly. I’ll even give this guy credit for fitting into what looks like a costume designed for 16 year old. And I’ll give him a bit of street cred for having the gall to stand in 32 degree heat waving two 20 foot flags… But I really didn’t have the heart to tell him this…

But even Captain America thinks your cause is stupid.

Yes, of the thousands of comic book heroes in the cannon of the Marvel and DC universes, you chose the one guy who has openly fought the Tea Party Movement…

Way to go dumbass, for that I salute you…




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