Random Thoughts For Getting the Washington Part Right, But Missing It By A Few Thousand Miles. Saturday September 4, 2010

Two years ago this weekend, my wife (fiance at the time) and I took our completely stone broke asses out to Seattle, Washington. It was a spur of the moment weekend away at Bumpershoot and a bit of reprieve from what was a crummy summer.

During our weekend escape we spent a lot of time exploring. Checking out one of our favorite cities in the world and more importantly examining the various Law Schools in the downtown area.

Seattle University Showboating

At the time, my wife was applying to a selection of American Law Schools and Seattle had endeared itself to the top of the list. For most of the weekend, we spent our time day dreaming of how epic it would be to live in Seattle. The lush green foliage, the Seattle Seahawks, temperate weather, the Seattle Seahawks and the general adventure of it all.

Well it’s two years later and and another edition of the Bumbershoot festival has reminded me of that weekend and the irony of it all.

Turns out we got the Washington part right, we were just a few thousand miles off the target.

First – From Kanye West’s blog, it’s an stunningly artistic commercial for my all-time favorite…

Chocolate Bar.

Second – A list of films you’ll be showing your kids in the future. Love that both Princess Mononoke and The Labyrinth top the list. Even happier news is that the obvious one – you know the one about some guy in a bucket hat and some nerdy kid from a desert planet – didn’t make the list. (via. poploser)

Third – Chatroulette marketing from the Last Exorcism. (via. alfgoetz)

NSFW… But hilarious and incredibly successful marketing. (The Last Exorcism apparently smashed box office expectations)

FourthFang Island is playing at MacHall this Fall… You Calgarians need to buy tickets now... Now.

Fifth – Remember The Guardian Angels? Well they exist in DC and they kinda kick ass and take names… well sorta… kinda… well as much as awkward rolly-pooly outcasts in red berets can.

Sixth – Thanks to Ryan Boley for this, but it’s a … you know what. Only a picture can describe the awesomeness of Hipster Dinorsaurs.

Seventh – DC has won the treasured title as home to America’s worst Drivers. But apparently, there is some good news – Arlington, Baltimore, and Alexandria also made the top 25… Wait a second… That’s not great news – They’re all in the Beltway

By the way, it makes it official. No one is ever allowed to comment on your city’s bad drivers… unless of course you come from Mumbai.

Eighth – Nyjer Morgon is totally the National’s Ville Nieminen.

If I were to ever purchase a Nationals Baseball jersey – and I won’t because let’s be honest skinny white Irglish Canadians can’t wear Baseball jerseys – I’d totally pick his jersey up.

Ninth – Sweet mother of Jesus… Duke Nukem Forever is alive

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