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Coffee Shop Confusion Tuesday August 24, 2010

If you’re one of the many unfortunate souls who follows me on Foursquare or better yet, Gowalla, you’ll notice one thing in regards to my check-ins.

I spend a vast majority of my time in D.C. in a coffee shop. What can I say, when you’re spending a lot of time blogging and online, there’s nothing like great coffee and free wi-fi to make your day that much better.

One of the coffee shops I’ve been able to check out is a small little place near U Street and the Shaw District – called The Big Bear Cafe. I had a meeting with the DC Food For All guys there a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across it. It’s a neat little place, in a crazy neighborhood that’s going through some massive urban changes. But without question the place is the epitome of a hole in the wall hipster hideout.

Try to imagine will you, a coffee shop in London opening up it’s door mere days after being bombed during the World War II air raids. Now imagine that same place packed to the rim with hipsters, bipsters and MacBooks. That’s the vibe of Big Bear.

So you’ll understand my surprise to see the same coffee shop as the back drop of all things, a Comcast and NBC merger commercial.

A Hole in the wall Hipster Hangout and Global Corporate Merger, together at last? What is this world coming too?

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