Random Thoughts For The Single Greatest Pop Song Friday August 27, 2010

Okay, so you’ve probably all already seen this video.

But as a duty to the musical street cred of this blog and my love of everything Gnarls Barkley this double whammy of Random Thoughts starts off with Ceelo’s F**K YOU.

Oh Ceelo, If only this triumphant piece of mastery was around in the early 2000s.

First – An beautiful exhibition of eclectic skateboard designs in San Diego

Second – An interesting little story about Stock Photography from the view point of someone who was unsuspectingly used as the face of an unemployed generation.

If you’re like most people you might be asking what Stock photography is.

It’s a essentially low-cost license free images that any designer or publisher or web site can use on their sites. Two of the biggest players in the stock photography world are actually sitting in your own back yard (of course that’s if your backyard is in Calgary). So if you’re curious check out iStockPhotos and Veer.com to get a better understanding.

Third – I’m sorry, but Facebook humour absolutely kills me.

Similar to the link I posted in the last round of Random Thoughts, here’s the Facebook status updates of some major Historical events

Julius Ceaser: My Boys pulled together a lil’ get together at the casa tonight. It’s going to be killer
Brutus: Oh, it’ll be killer alright

Fourth – Everyone remember the incredibly story of Pat Tillman.

He was the star defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals that walked away from millions of dollars to go serve in Afghanistan, only to be killed in action… Well now, it’s being revealed that there is far more to the story that what was initially reported. And opening up soon is a heart-wrenching documentary which explores the controversy swirling around The Chomsky-reading NFL star’s death.

He emerged as a mixture of qualities that seem simultaneously liberal and conservative, all-American and heterodox. He was a football star and avid outdoorsman who read Emerson; an agnostic or atheist who read the Bible, the Quran and the Book of Mormon out of intellectual curiosity; a man who relished the high-testosterone simulated combat of sports, and excelled at it, while also maintaining an introspective personal journal he allowed no one to read

Fifth – A fascinating look at the quiet and secretive success of the Trader Joe’s Supermarket Franchise.

Sixth – Here’s some more music for my music starved friends. It’s the new track from The Thermals – I don’t Believe You.

Who from all accounts killed Sled Island this year.

Seventh – Shining Force and Streets of Rage are now available for the iPod Touch and iPhone

Holy Fuck

That’s all I’ve got to say on that. (thanks to dwarnott for the heads-up)

Eighth – Has there been a bigger bad ass in the history of man than this guy?

I’m sorry, but this guy looks like some sort of hybrid extra from a Punjab remake of Planet of The Apes and Blackhawk Down…

NinthScott Pilgrim’ Versus The Unfortunate Tendency To Review The Audience. A great article on ever reviewer’s tendancy to analysis the audience rather than the movie. (via. musiccriticca)

Tenth – A fantastic post by Julien Smith entitled – The Myth of Behind.

Read it, think about it and start changing what you’re doing today.

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