50 Seconds To Mars Wednesday August 18, 2010

Yesterday, while touring Washington with two little rugrats and the family in town, we decided that in a pinch we’d eat at the legendary HARD ROCK cafe Washington. As with all Hard Rocks, except the Vegas one… It’s pretty much a HARD ROCK cafe.

You, know filled with random trinkets and some what meaningless artifacts from bands like Boston, Foreigner, Collective Soul and Hoobastank. The food is mediocre at best, but one of the things that always caught my attention was the looped music videos they play. In particular, the videos showing the preordained legends of ROCK from each generation – Eric Clapton, Sting, The Police, Chubby Checker, The Who, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and 30 Seconds to Mars….

Wait, did I just say 30 seconds to Mars?

I sure did. In particular yesterday, it was the song Kings and Queens with all of Jared Leto’s manliner goodness oozing from it.

Now, I know I’ve already spent a fair bit of time mocking Jared Leto and 30 minutes to Mars in the past and I admittedly enjoyed elements of this song and video… But that being said, I feel bad for the naughts generation. For this to be one of their cherished anthems… it’s just somewhat depressing.

Sure it’s filled with elements of every teenage generational anthem before – angst, imagery of the man literally crushing our youth, and a proclamation of people not understanding us… But there are other elements that scream of cheese. A city on fire, the slow motion dreamy eyes of Jared Leto, a blatant homage to one of Bansky’s most famous pieces of work, the wide open arms of Jared Leto and a white horse trotting through the mean streets of L.A. and soooo much more.

There has to be better songs – even the cheesy commercialized tracks – to represent an entire generation? We at least had Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke and Scott Weiland to preach to us. How can a generation connect with an ex A list actor and his angst? Hell, how can his band even connect with him? I’d love to ask one of the hundreds of thousands of naughts who’ve proclaimed this song the best they’ve ever heard, but I fear it might involve spending to much time flipping through someone’s dreary journal.

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