Random Thoughts For Steampunk Thursday August 12, 2010

Have you heard of Steampunk? No?

You probably have seen elements of it, but you’re probably not really sure of what to call it.

Steampunk is a form of art, fiction or imaginary gadgets based the Victorian age design aesthetic fused with modern technology. Think the League of Extraordinary Gentleman or even elements of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. It’s an incredibly nerdy, but interesting sort of art form. It’s also a trend that is quietly growing and garnishing some popular culture references. Steampunk art is incredibly stunning art form, but as a fashion style it’s been sort of dominated by awkward nerds.

Anyways, I’ve become incredibly enthralled by it and for some reason, I decided to share it with you all.

So once Kanye bastardizes it, you call thank me later.

First – The Southampton Football club has banned media outlets from using their own Photographers to capture images from matches on Southampton’s home field. Instead, they are now forcing all media outlets to use their own sanctioned team archives. To combat this somewhat ridiculous concept newspapers and other teams have resorted to other methods to capture images from Southampton home games… Including drrrrrawings


Second – It’s been a couple of weeks, so I think I need to make an addition to my growing Chapeau Collection. And this sucker looks like a killer addition.

Third OMFG, A series of Facebook wall posts explains WWII. (My favorite post has to be Japan: TONIGHT we dine in PEARL HARBOR. (via. nscafe)


FourthThe Oatmeal explains how to properly use i.e. … Subsequently, I now have to correct another massive grammatical mistake throughout four years of blog posts.

Mother fahk.

Fifth – I don’t know why I’m telling some of my readers this, because I don’t even live in the city at the moment. But the city of Calgary is running an incredible art installation until August 21st called River of Light. A British company has installed dozens of floating balls of florescent lights along the Bow River.

So if you want to see something utterly spectacular you might want to go downtown late this week (don’t worry suburbanites, no one is going to stab you, it’s fahking Calgary).

Sixth – Blame Mr. Rennie on this link, but 4/5ths of the Kids in The Hall cast reunited on my favorite t.v. show The Soup this week.

Seventh – I will always have a soft spot for Jones Soda and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as reminders of the early 2000s… But what happens when you combine both of them… MY HEAD EXPLODES… or you get custom Buffy inspired Jones Soda Bottles.

EighthA post of minimalist album covers. My wife hates this example, but I love it.

NinthOMFG, the cast of Jersey Shore has been caught up in uber-dramatic cocaine scandal. Why is society surprised by this?

Can I make a change to my stance of nuking Las Vegas from orbit? Can we get the cast of CSI:Miami out of there and just nuke the place from Outer Space? I think society would be so much better off if Miami was reduced to swampland.

Tenth – If you’ve got an iPod of an iPhone, you need to download this incredibly addictive retrogame called The Incident. I could explain it, but this video does a far better job than I could ever do.

(thanks to myownbiggestfan for the heads up)

Eleventh – After days (well, let’s be honest 36 hours) of Social Media vultures ripping a hole in JetBlue for not responding to the Flight Attendant incident, JetBlue has responded. And knocked it out of the park.

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