Random Thoughts For The Chairmen Screaming A Thousand Ingredients Monday August 9, 2010

So for your early week pleasure, here is The Chairmen Introducing all of the secret ingredients from IRON CHEF: America in one single 3 minute clip. Only one word can describe this awesomeness… CHEEESE.

(via. Mr. Rennie)

First – A woman just recently discovered her own husband’s second secret marriage, by looking at his facebook wall.

While I do find that story incredibly humorous and entertaining, can the media just get to the point already. Now, I’m being serious, but can they just find someone to conduct a ‘study’ on what it really wants to say. Society would be so much better, if we could just get this over with and let the media run with an article for a couple of days that says in big bold 40pt type… STUDY SHOWS FACEBOOK WILL DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE.

Can you imagine the witty pun on the front pages of every SUN newspaper in Canada?

Come on, wouldn’t the world be that much better off, if some nut job think tank just went out and proclaimed that? Maybe then, they could revert some of the resources from covering the ever popular Social Media ruined my Marriage story to something more productive… Like climate change or something.

Just a thought.

Second – It’s observations like this that make me wish I was still an innocent kid.

(P.S. Although the trailer looks pretty ridiculous, here’s a pretty decent little post why you don’t need to go off your rocker about it.)

By the way, you can all thank Ryan for ruining your image of Yogi Bear forever.

Fourth – I’m with Jason Kottke on this one, these are the types of storms I go running from.

Fifth – Not to harp on this web site specifically, but it’s posts like this that are ruining the internet – The 25 Worst Aging Actors in Hollywood.

SixthMichael Bay + Transformers + DC + A call for Extras = Hmmmmmmm

Seventh – My wife and I will be purchasing this hoodie and then stapling it to the wall of our living room. Maybe then we’ll finally understand how hawt 90 degrees really is.

37 Celsius-98.6 Fahrenheit - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Eighth – The trailer for The Social Network looks quite epic. Not only does this David Fincher directed flick send shivers down my spin, but the soundtrack for the clip is the always timeless cover of Radiohead’s creep by The Scala Children’s choir.

Ninth – I know I’ve sounded pretty cranky with this random thoughts and I do apologize for that, being bedridden for two days will do that… But between Michael Cerra, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Zac Efron and Aaron Johnson are there any actors for the Naughts generation that don’t look like complete ninnies? Seriously? Any actors?

I feel bad for this generation… At least we had Freddie Prinze Jr when I was growing up…


Tenth – The new logo for the 2014 World Cup in Brazzzzzzzzzzil.

The best part of this article is that Gisele Bundchen was one of the judges. Although I’m sure Gisele has some amazing design insigh, couldn’t they get any other Brazilian superstars to participate? Like I’m sure Blanka and Pele weren’t that busy.

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Leave it to a Yahoo “exclusive” to serve up that Yogi Bear junk…


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