Random Thoughts for A Handlebar Friday Thursday June 1, 2006

So today is the inaugural Handlebar Friday. Unlike most themed facial hair competitions the participants in this event had all of 4 days to grow handlebars. For the record everyone’s handlebars are fairly pathetic, including mine. I’m almost certain there are a few prepubescent teens and old grammas with stronger staches than myself. But this is about spontaneity not fashion, God Damnit!

HandleBar Friday 2006

First – It’s obvious I’m a T-shirt fiend and at last week’s lilac festival I ran across a local t-shirt company called boner. Don’t let the cliché name fool you their designs are pretty interesting. Their philosophy is to create limited edition shirts, so each one is from a run of ten. They are really promoting this uniqueness angle; it’s a pretty interesting philosophy, although I do think the prices are a little too high for the common t-shirt buying public. But anyways, they’re local and independent so check them out.

Second – A very neat and Beetlejuicesque collection of photos on flicker called Alone. There is actually an accompanying blog site for brain brain the kid genius and myspaces page for Lucy the fire belching princess. For a great morbid laugh check out some of Lucy videos. [P.s. I found out about this from the back of a pamphlet at the Roasterrie]

Third – I’m not going to lie to you, but to me the World Cup is quiet possibly the single greatest sporting event in the world. Argue with me as much as you want but my allegiance during this festival of the beautiful game, lies solely with England. (and Portugal the United States ) Anyways to get people all excited about the games check out The World Cup Blog and subscribe to your favorite team’s blog. Or even better yet check out these two yahoos on their World Cup of Awesomeness Tour. Alright they’re not yahoos, but they’re super entertaining. I used to work with Paul many moons ago; the guy is a legend and a riot. [P.s. the Euroshima thing is priceless]

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