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Random Thoughts For The Top 15 Wii Ware Games Friday July 30, 2010

First off, in my dark video game addicted years (Grade 5-9) I was addicted to GamePro magazine. Who needs girls when you could read about the latest Genesis and Gamegear games? Right… Alright, well luckily I grew out of that phase and grew-up a bit.

So you can see my nostalgic surprise to find the magazine still kicking around some 15 years later. But even better is a recent article on the main page, which is a compilation of 15 killer wii ware games.

The reason why I’ve posted this little article, is because my wife and myself have truly enjoyed our Wii for the past three years.

Whether it’s a night in rocking out with our friends to journey or late nights finishing (and now refinishing) Super Mario Bros Wii, we love this machine. But like many people I know, there aren’t that many games that get me excited for the Wii. Being a dude and an ex-gamer some of the titles aren’t really for the hardcore gamers, but the Wii Wares titles do get me excited. Especially the old school Mega Man releases, Contra games and even Kid Icarus games. I think it’s an unexplored avenue of gaming that not many people take a chance on with the Wii and like you I’ve never been able to find the time to explore the vast majority of these games.

So happy gaming kids.

First – While I do enjoy a public stoning shaming over high priced millionaires at the hands of national media after a woeful world cup performance (ex. France and unfortunately England this year). The recent broadcast of a 6-hour public deconstruction of the ‘poor performance’ placed upon the N. Korean soccer team by their own government is a bit much.

Plus, I’m sure banishing your coach to the rock quarries is going to do great for foreign recruitment… On second though that does sound a bit better than dealing with the British Tabloids.

SecondFrom comic-con it looks like the graphic novel the Walking Dead is getting a 6 episode mini-series that looks set to blow the roof off the Zombie Genre.

Third – Remember last week, I suggested you download the Class of 2010 Retreat sampler from GerryLovesRecords. Well if you did you would have discovered a hauntingly amazing frightened rabbit-esque track called Crank Resolutions by Meursault.

Well, in case you didn’t download the sampler, here’s a little look at the song live.

Fourth – My lord is there anything William Shatner can’t do?

From fighting for cheap flights, to covering the latest records on a splendid CD to appearing as one of the greatest Canadians at the Olympics to interviewing the D.C. Snipers.

This man truly is a King among men.

Fifth – A new study from ESPN has rated all of the Health Violations of all 150 or so major league sports stadiums in North America. Of the relevant information released, The Verzion Centre – home to the Capitals, Mystics and Wizards – is one of the top culprits with a 100% violation rate. The other major violators were all found in Florida… I subsequently blame Miami for all of this.

But an interesting enough tid-bit of information, was that Edmonton had the most violations out all the Canadian stadiums with a 25% rating. Although nothing was specifically mentioned, I would venture to say that errant Mullet Hair and outdated Beef Jerky were the most sited violations.

Sixth – Well now that the second worst kept secret in the Calgary Mayoral race has been revealed, I really have to side with Avenue Magazine and their article that Barb Higgins was actually going to announce she is pursuing a career as a professional Tango dancer. Because frankly that would have been far more interesting.

Seventh – And in other Social Media related news, Kanye West has jumped on the twitter bandwaggon, which in my opinion is the best thing to happen to the service since… Well everyone said Jeff Goldblum was dead.

EigththCould this be the single greatest painting of all time?

umm… Without Question.

Ninth – Destiny’s Child vs. Justice… Dark and dirty track for the long weekend.

The Hood Internet – Lose My Waters Of Naza(b)reath (Destiny’s Child x Justice) by hoodinternet

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