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Random Thoughts For The Westboro Baptist Church vs. Comic-con Nerds Friday July 23, 2010

You can thank my good friend Mr. Rennie for this link and his constant links about the ridiculous West Baptist Church.

Anyways, In case you’re not one of the billions of nerds down in San Diego right now for the world’s largest Comic Book Convention, you should know that it’s quite common for attendees to dress up in some outrageous costumes in support of their favorite Superhero.

… and in case you’re not familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church… We’ll they’re really twisted individuals. The type of individuals who have far too much money and far too much time.

So what happens when they clash… Nerdy Hilarity

FirstBad Ass Carebears

Don't Care Bears - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Second – From Cameron Chapman it’s The Saturday Night Live Feature film that never happened… Saturday Night Live The Movie... Confused? Read on.

Third – Now that’s a professor that even I would try and sleep with… you know for an extra letter grade… James Franco is set to teach a class at Yale this Fall. (via. lbourgon.)

Fourth – In a few weeks, the summer will be over and all of Calgary will be bombarded with campaign ads, brochures and mediaclips of the upcoming Civic election. But before everything kicks into gear, have a look at this intriguing little video montage by Cats, Chopsticks, and Rainbows on the 2007 municipal election costs.

Fifth – A letter from Tony Hirch to the employees of Zappos on the Amazon team-up – one year later

Sixth – Like many of you, I’m starting to lose interest in my current catalog of music, here’s some new music to check out.

The first comes from Calgary’s own The Fast Romantics, who have released a new EP after garnishing a slew of buzz in Toronto and even within the Pitchfork circles.

Seventh – Next is a label out of Scotland called Gerry Loves Records.

Gerry Loves Records is an indie label out of Scotland, that is releasing some great limited edition vinyl records. It also happens to have a fantastically designed site, by NonImage, a friend of mine from SXSW. The site also does a great job of leveraging some great elements from and to promte the labels list of acts.

Update: Even better, Gerry Loves Records has released a sample of tracks called Retreat, which can now be downloaded.

Do it now!

Eighth – Last, but not least. If you’re in to Power Pop and something with a little more kick, please check out Ottawa’s for some excellent punk rawwwwk or power punk records. If you want to check out some of their stuff on MySpace, they of course can be found there too.

NinthThis post from Dooce has set back my wife’s incurable hatred for cats by about 15 years.

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