A Nice Letter From Steady Eddie Wednesday July 7, 2010

Since arriving in D.C. one of my little joys in life is reading the Washington Post in all it’s ironic pompousness. Because really, if I lived in Calgary you probably couldn’t pay me to read the Washington Post… But put me in The District and it’s become a sort of pretentious Saturday morning ritual at our house… And I say pretentious, because I never learned how to read. Really, I just read The Post to figure out the ratio of Stephen Strasburg posts to Washington Capitals articles.

Therefore you’ll understand my excitement upon partaking in another round of my ridiculous Saturday afternoon ritual to see, right there on page 4 of the Washington Post, an open letter from our dearly beloved Premier to the citizens of American (and more directly the major players in Washington).

So for your enjoyment, here’s what Steady Eddie had to say to our beloved neighbors to the South about our dirty Oil.

On Open Letter FRom Ed Stelmach to Americans

P.S. If you want to actually read it, I’ve posted it on my Flickr Page.

To be quite honest, his letter may have had a bit more impact if it was signed off, GO REDSKINS GO! But, hey what do I know about this city.

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