Random Thoughts For A Hipster Romance Tuesday July 13, 2010

This link comes directly from Mike’s Bloggity Blog. It’s a link for the new Bruce McDonald movie This Movie is Broken. It’s a Rock Show Romance which revolves around two long time and jilted friends who yearn for each other, but only come to terms with this secret love at one single Broken Social Scene concert.

It’s garnishing a tonne of praise and from the looks of the trailer, it will likely leave you blubbering in a pile of emotional and hipster goo.

Broken Social Scene + The Director of Hard Core Logo = Crazy delicious.

Now what are the chances this film gets a D.C. showing? … 10% … 5%?

Damn you indie Canadian directors.

First – One of my new favorite sites on the internet is Bad Ass of The Week – A massive collection of fictional, historical and amazing badasses. I founded while reading the most random article on the oatmeal and now I’m hooked. So for this week, here’s my recommended Bad Ass of the Week – Nikola Tesla.

Second – We saw advertisements for The Kin (Microsoft’s supposed iPhone Killer) on Hulu for two-three months before the big launch date. And although I was tempted to pick one up just to see how it worked, I was constantly inundated with nightmares about the windows software and the disaster that was my old Sony Mini Disc Recording software.

Well luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. After only selling 10,000 phones The Microsoft Kin Mobile phone has been pulled.

Third – You know what’s really annoying… Cutting mangoes.

If you’re like me and really hate this task, this link will help.

Fourth – It’s a really shitty piece of trash local Fox News reporting, but the statistic that one in five divorces now sight Facebook evidence in the presiding is a pretty interesting stat.

FifthPrince Claims Internet Is Dead, Lady Gaga says – Hi. In other news, 14 year girls the world over ask ‘Prince’ who? (via. boalt)

Fifth – Of all the Twitter hilarity revolving around King James’ epic decision, I think Cobra Commander hit the feelings of every citizen in Ohio, right on the head.

People of Cleveland Revolt!

SixthBest Alien Joke… EVAR.

Seventh – I love my city’s flag… No seriously, I absolutely love this flag.

EighthThe Black Keys weigh-in on the Lebron James defection to Miami. By the way, the brothers Carney were born and raised in Akron Ohio, the same hometown of his majesty King James.

Ninth -With all the bad taste Maple Leafs jokes aside, you really have to commend Brain Burke for appearing in the Toronto Pride Parade last week in honor of his son.

Yes, everyone knows of Brian Burke as the loud-mouth-pudgy-Drunken-Irishmen General Manager of the Evil Empire, but from all accounts he is a pretty loyal and compassionate man. His decision to uphold his promise to this son and appear in the Pride Parade is an amazing display and he should be commended on it.

So a big kudos to him.

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