Random Thoughts For A Happy Canada Day. Friday July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day kiddies… From your favorite Canadian Bloggers down south.

First This is a great article on the downfall of Las Vegas’ economy. Over the past five to six years, Las Vegas has been universally seen as one of the Golden boys of economic growth in America, but once the recession hit … all hell broke lose in Sin City.

Second – A neat little article from the Calgary Herald on the Web Sites of the mayoral and alderman candidates for this year’s civic elections in October.

Third – I won’t dwell on this, but at least our coach doesn’t eat his own… Well you’ll see.

Fourth25 Star Wars – De-motivational Posters... Luke Skywalker incest jokes + Motivational Posters = Win.

Fifth – To good to pass up.

Sixth – If the last video was too good to pass up, then this one is GUARANTEED FRESH!.

Spock, Kirk and the rest of the Red Shirts vs. Ke$ha.

Seventh – Holy F&ck vs. Robin Smith. Via the HoodInternet

The Hood Internet – Show Me Red Lights (Robin S. x Holy Fuck) by hoodinternet

Eighth – Even though it’s in Helevetica, I solely approve of this T-Shirt.

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