Random Thoughts For HWA Friday June 25, 2010

H.W.A... ‘nuff said.

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First – An interesting read about Yann Martel, the author of the best seller Life of Pi, and the backlash brewing against his latest novel.

The interesting take away from this article is that Yann and his wife live in Saskatoon. Which is awesome ‘ToonTown For THE WIN!

Second – And because I was perusing the Guardian web site yesterday, I stumbled upon this great little article about the evil Teachers of Ontario gobbling up the British Railway system. Which, would completely insane for the average Briton.

Like really, how could a Teacher’s pension from a province in Canada be one of the most powerful and wealthy entities in the entire world? Now that I read that statement, I do find find it quite funny that the Teachers are one of the most powerful entities in Canada.

ThirdMy new favorite shirt ….

Fourth – As far as athletes and acting goes, this little skit for the NHL Awards this week is pretty funny. And easily the best part has to be the Neidermeyer quote.

FifthIf Atari Was Apple, And Had Done It All In 1977…

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