Fox News North Monday June 21, 2010

By now all of you Canadian readers have heard the comments on the proposed Fox News North. And yes I agree, armageddon is definitely upon us.

As much as there has been rhetoric that this channel won’t be Fox News North as it’s been dubbed (the real name will be Sun TV), make no mistake it will become as bad as it’s southern and English counterparts (SKY NEWS). Just look at the main slogan on the Sun TV News website – Hard News and Straight Talk.

Give it five years and we’ll have our very own home grown Glenn Beck – but his catch phrase will involve a lot more eh!s

I’m not going to argue about how we should never let this level of misinformed crap into our country, because truth be told, it was inevitable. The Fox News model is a massive money maker and everyone knows that TV is a desperate business. But what I am angry about is the CRTC and it’s lack of Regulatory Balls. (Sorry for being crude mum)

I’m not disappointed that SunTV is probably going to be granted a Television channel to show the otherview point of journalism. (Ironically, I didn’t think there was another viewpoint when it came to journalism and reporting the facts). What I am disappointed in is the abysmal track record of the CRTC for granting companies channels, setting a strict parameter for content and then in five years essentially letting that channel do what ever the please.

That is my biggest fear and disappointment.

We’ve all seen how The Histroy channel has degraded in reruns of Ice Truckers and old movies with no historical relevance. (Ex. The Kevin Spacey movie 21) And don’t even get me started on what’s happened to Muchmusic and MTV… So you can just imagine what SunTV will evolve into a few years, after the regulatory watch dogs have walked away and the channel needs to reinvigorate itself with more controversial fair to get ratings. It’ll be a gate way to the sort of sensationalism crap that has made FOX News such a detrimental addition to the American political spectrum.

Yes, I’m quite passionate about this, but after driving through the prairies and listening to the aftermath of the Obama-care approval on nothing by FOX news radio for two days, you might understand why this is disturbing.

In my opinion, it is the CRTC and it’s lack of regulatory power, that will make this approval such a travesty.

But there’s not much that can be done, the wheels are in motion. My only hope is that maybe Blackett is right. Maybe Canadian TV is shit and likewise SunTV will be so bad that no one watches it and it flops.

Here’s hoping.

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