Random Thoughts For The Second Coming of God Friday June 11, 2010

Obviously one of the biggest experiences I’ve been indulging in since arriving in The District, is Baseball. In particular, the lonely Washington Nationals.

If you are any sort of a baseball fan, you’ll have heard of some kid named Stephen Strasburg. If not, he’s essentially an uber-pitching prospect, but after spending some time in D.C. you’d swear this kid was the second coming of God. As a frame of reference the hype surrounding Dion or even Iginla doesn’t even stack up when measure against the double SS hype.

All of the kid’s AA games were sold out. Then when he graduated to the minor leagues, each of the games he pitched in were sold out.

And of course once they announced they were going to let Strasburg start on June 4th (yes, you read that right they officially announced that a minor-league kid was going to play three weeks before he was called up), this is the pandemonium that ensued.

Second coming of God indeed.

And if you’re wondering he had 14 K and played a pretty solid 7 innings…. whatever that means.

First – A big congratulations goes out to the Chicago Blackhawks for their epic Stanley Cup win. But now that the NHL season is over, what are you going to do?

Well luckily Down Goes Brown has a great list of things to do

Second – Oh wow, this is just too good to pass up. How BP cleans up a Coffee spill (via. mikesbloggity)

Third – You’ve heard of Truck-ticals, now you can add hanging testicals to your iPhone (via. wndxlori)

DON’T Worry it’s for a good cause

Fourth – Speaking of The Chicago Blackhawks, this is the best public taunting that I’ve ever seen done by a professional media outlet. Welcome Chrissy Pronger

Fifth – God I love The Onion.

The Onion’s take on who to watch during the 2010 World Cup.

North Korea: DPRK players could be tough to defend, as they have nuclear devices strapped to their chests

Sixth – Good lord, I don’t get it Calgary! You could honestly run an entire season of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares at Nellies … and you people still eat there! (via MusicCriticCa)

Seventh – For all you Dexter fans and all of you geeks with mad crushes for babes who know Social Media, it’s the new promo for Amber Mac’s new Social Media Book – Power Friending.

Eighth – Linked from Veer.com’s blog – it’s Ninja vs. Pirate – The Wallpaper

Ninth – In case you’re wondering what my kick ass wife got for me for my birthday. Here it is – a new camera.

And not just any camera, but a Lomograph Diana Mini with 6 rolls of film… Now if only I could find a place to print my pictures…

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