Random Thoughts For The Big Caption Thursday May 27, 2010

I’ve linked to Boston’s Big Picture feature a couple of times in the past, but for those not familiar, The Big Picture is an amazing collection of large and stunning photos right from ground zero of some of the world’s most talked about events. For anyone remotely interested in current events, you probably should know about it… and if you don’t I strongly suggest submersing yourself in their archives for the rest of the day.

But better yet, is a new design/humour site called The Big Caption which takes images from the The Big Picture and overlays them witty typography hilarity…

Like this one.

Yes. Yes. That is Epic.

First – Kudos to Shia Lebeouf for admitting that both Indiana Jones 4 & Transformers 2 were awful.

I know in this day and age it’s not kosher for people to go around slamming projects that they’ve worked on, but you know what … it’s kind of refreshing. I know I’ve worked on projects in the past that I wasn’t proud of, which also means that I know how difficult it is to admit that publicly. (via. tiptaptip)

SecondThe most brilliant way to get an Advertising Job…ever (via. alfgoetz) … Too bad this technique will never work again.

Third – For those of you new to the World of International Soccer, here’s an amazing article which links current World Cup power houses with their American Sporting Team Counterparts. I couldn’t have put it better, England is definitely the New York Jets of international football. (via. lbourgon)

Fourth – A women is suing Rogers for causing the end of her marriage, by revealing a secret affair she was having with another man through her cell phone bill.

The unfortunate thing is that she’ll probably win the case.

Fifth – The schedule for Sled Island 4.0 is set for June 29-July 4th… Sure it’s the Canada Long Weekend, but look at this line-up of indie heavy weights... Try and tell me you’re not salivating at that line-up.

SixthYoga Fire!!!!

Seventh – Threadless.com’s A Brief History of The World.

A Brief History of the World - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Eighth – A couple of weeks ago, Duncan Kinney blogged about the new Facebook/Mr.Mann campaign from BullFrog Energy. If you read on, you’ll notice some of my comments from a Gchat interview we did about the campaign.

Ninth – Remember last week when Google switched it’s logo to an interactive Pac-Man game? Well, someone did an estimate of the amount of time lost to that switch.

Up next, an article detailing the amount of productivity lost from people reading/retweeting/linking to the article detailing the amount of productivity lost to the Google Pac-Man game.

TenthWhat The Disney Princesses are teaching young girls. (via. Mr. Rennie and Good old BoingBoing)

Eleventh – …

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