30 BallParks Thursday May 20, 2010

A couple of months ago, my wife asked me a simple question. She wanted to know What was on my Bucket List? To which I instantly answered nothing … and then a long pause … and the I replied I Don’t Know … Then I got judged … Then another long pause and then I said I would love to see every single MLB BallPark in North America.

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit every single ballpark in the Majors. I’m not entirely sure why, but if I had to guess I think it’s because I absolutely despise Baseball the Sport, but absolutely adore Baseball the Culture. There’s just something about the open air, some hot dogs and a fresh new stadium that enthralls me. It might have something to do with my unhealthy love for everything stadiums … I’m not entirely sure, but it sounds like one of the greatest goals in life.

Which leads, me to the reason for this post.

Jay Mirtle (of the Globe and Mail) recently tweeted about a new Globe feature, where Navin Vaswani has set out on the most epic of trips – Visiting all 30 Ballparks in a two month span. It’s a daily feature called Stealing Home and it’s something that I think everyone should read, even if you don’t love Baseball.

But the piece d’ resistance (I know, I know… I probably should have thought of a better cliche) of Vaswani’s feature is this story regarding Jason Guindon and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, I doubt you have a soul. I only wish I would have known about his journey when he swung through D.C. earlier this year as I would have easily bought him a hot dog.

Anyways, one of the benefits about being in D.C. is the ability to take 3-4 hours out of life, clear my head and take in a game. After thinking about Jason’s story and my own life goals, this is one aspect of life, I’m definitely not going to let slip by.

1 down, 29 to go.

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I fully understand the sentiment of being in love with the culture and aesthetics of baseball while finding the sport itself rather drab. You’d probably enjoy this site here: http://www.uniwatchblog.com lots of uniform news & design leaks and such.

Jason · May 20, 03:26 pm · #permalink


I totally agree.

I always thought that baseball apologists who said you have to “see a game to really” understand it were talking out their ass. But after being to two live games, I totally understand that statement.

cto · May 26, 08:01 am · #permalink

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