Cats Are Weird Thursday May 13, 2010

So obviously, I didn’t get around to posting a random thoughts last friday and I haven’t has that much time to blog. BUT what I have had time to do over the past week is to briefly unwind with some Hulu. Which is one of the huge benefits of living in the states, but the one problem with Hulu is the limited selection of Commercials.

Yes, you get the privilege of only seeing one commercial every 10 minutes, but they also happen to be the same five commercials. (Now don’t even get me started on the CWTV’s commercial plan).

So imagine watching this LSD trip of a Friskies commercial … over … and over … and over again.

Cats are fucking weird. Like seriously what kind of animal would fight through psychedelic ducks and float on a fish over a river of purple just to get to a meal of corn husks and chicken bone marrow?

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