More BumpTop Love From Google Monday May 3, 2010

So remember a couple years ago when I was all like Bumptop is the greatest thing since slice bread and then Bumptop exploded and went live and I was like HOT JAM! that’s my quote on the frontpage!. Remember those days.

They were the good ol’ days.

Anyways, late Saturday night I (like every other pro user) received a cryptic email from Bumptop’s team noting that they would no longer be offering Bumptop’s services for the Mac and Windows OS. Which was quite alarming, the wording was very cryptic and at the time I was somewhat disappointed. As an original user and fan-boy, if they weren’t going to be offering their product for Mac and Windows machines, how could they possibly survive? My first reaction was that they had Deadpooled and were shutting their doors, but the wording was very cryptic, yet still very positive. I felt bad for Anand (the creator and old friend from my days at the University of Calgary), that his baby had fallen apart.

I later tweeted about my initial reaction and received a DM that everything was good. Which still had me puzzled, until yesterday morning, when news officially broke that Google had purchased Bumptop.

Holy Toledo

Wow. This is a huge tech score for Google and an amazing turn of events for Anand and his team. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen with Bumptop’s proprietary technology with Google backing them. In the short term, this probably won’t make that much of a difference in your computing world, but down the road I think there are elements of Bumptop’s touch interface patents that you’ll be using on an everyday basis.

The more I think about it the more obvious of an amazing coup this becomes for Google.

So a big congratulations goes out to Anand and his hardworking team at Bumptop. Well done guys and I can’t wait to see what how you take your technology to the next level.

BTW buddy way to represent the NE yyc!

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