Random Thoughts For Smoking As A Common Commodity Friday April 30, 2010

Okay, so now that I’m settling in, I’m going to talk about one of the biggest differences between The U.S. and Canada. And that is…

Smoking As A Common Commodity

Stay with me here. I know this isn’t an obvious statement, but smoking in the good old US of A isn’t nearly as regulated by the government as it is in Canada. That is obvious. But what makes everything different, is how much this deregulation makes Cigarettes a common commodity. They’re not hidden behind walls and they don’t have gnarly teeth and pregnant ladies on the packages. Rather they’re just products… Like bags of chips, chocolate bars, beer or bottles of Pepsi.

But because of this freedom of deregulation, cigarettes are very much like bars of Chocolate, Cereal and bottles of Pepsi down here.

This sounds ridiculous, but the concept of cigarettes as a commodity down here is one of the biggest culture shocks I’ve come across.

Because in the states cigarettes can go on sale. Cigarette prices can vary dramatically between stores. Cigarettes can be sold in a buy one get one free two month special. Cigarettes can appear for a limited time only. And more importantly, Cigarettes can have gimmicks in them … just like Captain Crunchberry, Crystal Pepsi and Autobot stamped M&Ms.

A good example is our good friends the Camel Crush cigarettes, which are pictured above.

(via. huberphotography)

See Camel Crushes, are cigarettes with a hidden menthol ball in the filter. At anytime during your trip to flavour country you can chose to add a Menthol ting to your cigarette – by simply Crush-ing the filter (and subsequently the menthol ball). I wish I was making this up… And I also wish it wasn’t my brand of chocie at the moment. (See my above points about on sale and two for one specials for this reasoning).

But think about that for a moment, the Camel Crush concept is definitely something that would never fly in Canada. Let’s just say, that I’d love to see Camel Crushes pass through Canada’s strict Smoking Regulations.

Anyways, enough of that let’s get back to the Random Thoughts … shall we.

First – Rouge, one of Calgary’s top restaurants, has made S. Pellegrino list of the world’s top 100 restaurants.

In other news, Tubby Dawg has released a statement saying… WTF? Where’s our respect.

Second – For all you nerds out there, TechCrunch is about to launch TechCrunch TV. Take that for what it is.

Third – Here’s a photo essay on what would happen if Soccer/Football jerseys were designed by Illustrators.

FourthAn amazing collection of ‘Mod’ posters of your favorite comic book heroes. The Thor, Spiderman and Ironman ones steal my heart. (via. poploser)

Fifth – The Ze Frank chillout song … A song which apparently he wrote for a random young woman who was desperately trying to overcome some immense anxiety.

Very cool story.

Sixth – God, I heart this T-Shirt... If only it wasn’t $50.

Seventh – Everyone’s already talking about it, but you need to play the Mario Brothers Crossover game, where you get to Play the original Mario Brothers as the Contra Guy, Metroid or better yet Mega Man....

Eighth – This is the lamest attempt at publicity ever. It’s a cover of I’m On a Boat by some shitty mullet wearing puffters called Broadway.

Don’t get wrong, I love it when smaller bands do covers of popular songs, but way to miss the boat guys.

Ninth – That pun was intended.

Tenth – Now that the Caps and The Flames are no longer playing hockey, if you’re looking for a hockey fix, the place to look towards is Abbotsford B.C. Which is the home of the Baby Flames.

In thier first season in the B.C. interior, the Baby Flames have not only made the playoffs, but came back from a 3-1 first round deficit. Now they’re playing the Hamilton Bulldogs (the Baby Canadiens) in the second round of the playoffs and have opened up a 1-0 lead in the series. Lead by some great work from Flames prospects Wahl, Sutter and Backlund…

Plus if anything, it’ll be interesting to play the Will Jim Playfair Lose His Mind Again game…

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