Russian Machine Never Breaks Monday April 26, 2010

Alright, before we go any further with this post, I’m going to do a little c.t.overdrive show and tell. Below is one of my most cherished gifts.

This right here is a 1988-89 Washington Capitals Travel kit that was given to me by Neil Sheey, (most famously known for wearing the number 0 during his NHL career). Anyways on the other side of the bag is all the faded signatures from the ’89 Patrick Division Champions. Since that day, I’ve always been a fan of the Caps.

I’d say one of my top five teams. (there’s also another T-Shirt story to tell, but we’ll save that for later).

Now that’s out of the way, I have to say that I’ve elevated my love for the Caps ten fold since landing down in Virginia. (It also helps that the caps practice facility is literally 10 blocks away from our apartment… on top of a mall parkade… But again that’s another story). Anyways, in my quest for all the local Caps information that I can find, I’ve come across an entertaining and well maintained blog called Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Russian Machine Never Breaks

The site, which is run by a knowledgeable group of ravenous Capitals fans, is one of the few sports blogs that is both a sight for the eyes and also a wealth of information. Sure it doesn’t touch the quality of information that can be found in the depths of (which nothing can really touch), but it’s well written and highly entertaining, plus it’s crafted with some immense skill. Being a web designer, I’ve got to give props when props are due.

So, regardless of the outcome of this game (it’s 2-0 as I write this), you should definitely give RussianMachineNeverBreaks a good look. It might change the stereotypes revolving around The District’s supposed fan base.

P.S. Can a brother get a hell yeah, for his first real post about DC being about Hockey? Come on… How Canadian is that! HELL YEAH

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Dude! I am so incredible grateful for the kind words. Thanks for appreciating all the hard work!

Ian Oland · Apr 29, 10:34 am · #permalink


My pleasure man.

It’s a great web site and chalkful of great bits of information. If you ever need a stand in poster, I’d love to help out.


cto · Apr 30, 09:52 am · #permalink

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