Random Thoughts For A Great I Got A Feeling Parody Thursday April 15, 2010

I’m a huge fan of a good parody and a border-line fan of College Humour (albeit I like their second incarnation as a cooler YouTube in Vimeo, much better). So stumbling upon this great parody of I Got A Feeling made my week.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Especially, the c.t.overdrive-esque spin on the parody. If I had a nickel for every time I found a kite in my living room.

Enjoy the weekend kids.

First – I’m not much of a flag waver.. or least I wasn’t until earlier this year, but this Gelaskin is pretty deadly.

(thanks to both louderthan10 and my wife for the link)

Second – For those who are afraid of Public Speaking, for what it’s worth Tim Ferris of the Four Hour work week fame, has posted his personal notes and suggestions on how to prepare for speaking engagements.

I highly recommend this read

Third – Remember the Three Wolf T-shirt? No? Come on really? Okay, here’s a reminder

Anyways, here’s the story about the guy behind the first post that started it all.

Fourth – For all those fans of Riggins from Friday Night Lights fame, here’s some big screen news for everyone. Looks like Riggins is set to star in the long awaited big screen adaptation of John Carter of Mars.

Just to give you a bit of background information, John Carter from Mars has been on the shelf since 1937... Yes, that’s not a typo. 1937. It was suppose to be the very first animated movie of all time, ahead of Snow White and those pesky Seven Dwarfs.

It’s also the story of a civil war veteran who gets transported to Mars to help save the world from Aliens…

I really wish I was making this shit up.

FifthThese are the tech companies in your neighbourhood

This kinda fell on my radar late yesterday, but it seems to be a cool app that is making some news. It’s from ASSN.CA, a local dev team out of Calgary and their new iPhone product Cardinal.

I’ve only been playing with it for a couple hours, but I have to admit for Music lovers it’s a pretty genius idea. It essentially makes it even easier to share the music you love on a variety of social media web sites straight from your iPhone/iPod Touch. It sounds simple, but the interface is great and it’s a fantastic little app. PLUS it is free for the rest of the week.

So support the community. I’ll have a review of the app on yycApps.com shortly. (or just follow @yycapps)

Sixth – This comes courtesy of @davidaustin, but it’s news that STEP UP 3 is going to be in 3D... Which ultimately means that this 3-D Revival needs to die a quick death.

Seventh – Okay, if Hipster Puppies has a book deal, then A raptor stalking Michael Buble is due. (via. @Chronotope)

EighthThe Liberian NHL Jersey Phenomenon explained and now with pictures.

I have an honest confession to make, when I first read that link, I thought it was going to be totally different. I honestly thought it said Librarians

Ninth – Last, but not least today is Foursquare Day. So if you’re into foursquare make sure you check-in so you can pick up the specially designed badge.

Also if you think it’s pretty pompous for Foursquare (@foursquare) to declare today, Foursquare day, the truth is that it was a grass roots user movement that the company realized was a good idea and embraced.

Now, that’s a solid way to build a community.

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