Random Thoughts For Being A Sucker For Cross Promotions Friday April 9, 2010

Since arriving in The District, one thing has become quite clear….

I’m a sucker for product gimmicks. Without question, I’ve spent more time perusing the grocery isle’s looking for the cheesiest cross-promotions in the city. Case in point… Washington Redskins Approved Breakfast Blitz Cereal

RedSkins Breakfast Blitz Cereal

Anyways, for the next couple of Random Thoughts (unless I can think of a real gooder), I’ll be showcasing some of the gimmicky gems I come across in my daily travels.


First – Here’s an eye-opening look at the atmosphere surrounding Hockey in Russia and the mysterious KHL. Apparently it’s going to be a feature on Hockey Night in Canada this weekend and really it sounds like it will be well worth a viewing. (via. Elliot Friedman)

Second – Mr. D.A. brought this to my attention earlier this week, but the Review Crew also seemed to have snagged a link. Anyways, for your 8-bit enjoyment here is The Megaman Hoodie. (via. Gadget_Guy).

Third – Local Graffiti artist and mini celebrity, Kid Belo has launched a new Web site. It is really great to see a local artist making an impact in a community which tends to encompass only larger metro areas.

But better yet, spend five minutes looking at his collection of work. See if you’ve come across a few of his pieces. I know there a couple that I love that I didn’t know he did. (i.e. The Art Central Building).

Fourth – Okay, if the new iPad App could realistically gave me the time and ability to start re-reading Marvel Comic books again… that would be the tipping point to purchasing one.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood

I wrote about this in more depth on The Corporation’s Blog, but a big congrats goes out to iStockPhotos which turned the big 10 this week.

Congrats guys.

Sixth – This appeared in my inbox earlier last week and I thought it was too cool, not to pass up. It’s a new car commercial from Mazda… That was shot entirely, by using remote control miniature replicas … Including the helicopter.

Seventh – Score one for non-douchebaggy men all over Calgary! It looks like Midtown condos has finally removed their douchebaggery ad campaign from all urinals across our fair city.

Eighth – A collection of popular tourist postcards altered to showcase an imaginary (I hope it’s imaginary) invasion by aliens from the Star Wars Universe. (via. Laughing Squid)

Ninth – It’s been a while since I did this, but here is my new favorite band … for the moment. They’ve toured with Andrew W.K., so that’s all you need to know about this band.

They’re called Fang Island and they are Team Gong Show approved. (thanks to Kurt & Andy for the heads up)

Tenth – Apparently, The Review Crew is on fire in regards to t-shirt designs this week... (via. mikesbloggityblog)

Eleventh – Not nearly as hysterical as last weeks’, A Raptor Stalks Michael Buble web site, but Awkward Family Portraits is pretty funny. Especially this post, entitled Learning The Hardway. (Thanks to BailingBucket for that one)

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