SXSW10: Epic Party Fail Wednesday March 31, 2010

I stumbled upon this photo from SXSW after finally finishing unpacking down here in DC. And yes, there is a good story behind this sucker.

On the first (or second night) Microsoft and Bing were having an off-the hook party at the speakeasy in Austin. Some of the parties that have happened here in past years have been epic. This one… Not so much.

So much epic fail… From Kanye West Shade Glasses (which were cool in what? 2006? Plus your audience is web designers….who already need thick rimmed glasses to walk, let alone party) to the Lady Gaga Cover Band to stale nacho chips it was just painful. And also since it was a Micro$oft shin-dig, it was teaming with Social Media Douchebags.

It was just bad, but the only redeeming factor was the Bing Photobooth.

Simple idea, get a professional photo of yourself from tha party! with something witty that you’d use Bing to search about. So what are you going to search, when your surrounded by bad blazers and Social Media Douchebags…. That’s right Jaggerbombs.

While my photo was pretty funny, Mr. Pennypacker’s was waaay better. But surprisingly you can’t find it on’s Facebook Fan Page. A guess a shit-eating grin and a sign that says Google SEO Strategies isn’t something Microsoft is chill with posting.

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