Random Thoughts For Landing In The District Friday April 2, 2010

Well kids, that is officially one week of the overdrive in the District. I’d love to say I’ve been scouring the area for all the coolest places and hot spots, but the truth is I’ve been holed up in our lovely apartment churning out emails and projects. So I don’t have anything over the top exciting to tell you all. But in lieu of the big move to DC, I thought I’d share a song that Professor Rennie sent me before I left, that is all too fitting.

It’s The Magnetic Fields’ Washington DC.

First – Techcrunch breaks news that the Fake Steve Jobs Blog (which apparently has a TV show coming) is being shut down... The big news in this article to me, is that there is even a Fake Steve Jobs blog running.

Second – Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words and this definitive rings true.

Forget People of Walmart and Unhappy Hipsters, this is the awesome new tumbler blog you need to follow. (via. Darcybross)

Third – An awesome new Dilbert comic (yes, i just said that), which was passed on to me by a client.

Take that for what it means.

Fourth – Okay, I’m still not a 100% convinced that this an April Fools joke, but Here’s a stunning redesign of Dunken Donuts brand for their 60th Anniversary... This is way too good to be an April Fool’s joke…Right…right?

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood.

Okay, he’s not really a company, but he is a fantastic designer and his name is Cam Hoff. He runs a stylish little site called worksonpaper. He recently posted a nice little post on why you need to hit up Twitter. But what turns out to be an ultimate compliment, he added the old overdrive as a local to follow. Which is the ultimate compliment and I’m extremely humbled, even with the slag on my Marlboro man status. (j/k man I loved it)

Sixth – Sexy time for all you music lovers at the Headquarters, Sled Island just released their schedule for 2010 and it’s off the HOOK!..

Besides, the much talked about Girl Talk headliner, you’ve got the Thermals, Built To Spill, F**ked Up, The Bronx (Who played a great SXSW show) and a slew of other great, great bands.

Buy tickets kids, so I can live vicariously through you.

Seventh – I wrote about this on the Armadillo Studios blog, but I have a feeling GoWalla is actually going to over take Foursquare as the geo-locational site to be on and this link from Techcrunch on the addition of Adobe, Chipolte and New Jersey Nets to the growing GoWalla catalog of participating companies.

Eighth – Probably the best April’s Fools day prank online comes from Groupon.com (which is a service that really needs to be ported to Calgary), with their new elite service called Groupoupon, where you can get such elite deals on faceless watches and walls o’money.

Ninth – If you’re into puzzle games for the iPhone, you need to download Tarot’s Misfortune which has now been ported to the iPhone.

Tenth – Also for all you indie mash-up lovers, here’s The xx vs. The Notorious B.I.G from waitwhatmusic. Check it out, it’s a dark, dark take on the Biggie’s best tracks over the latest xx album.

Eleventh – Why the eye rolling and we all know attitude that came with at Ricky Martin’s big coming out announcement, was a good thing.

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How did you not know about Fake Steve? It was kind of a big deal a few years ago.

Tyler · Apr 3, 08:21 pm · #permalink


Yeah, it’s pretty embarrassing that I didn’t know about it until now.

I think I was it was big in the middle of my misguided “anti-Mac & anti-AppleFan boys” era, so I probably just fluffed it off.

Very bush league on my part.

cto · Apr 4, 10:18 am · #permalink

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