SXSW10: Why You Need Two Twitter Accounts Tuesday March 16, 2010

So ironically, someone on twitter today asked if it was a good idea to separate his personal life from his side-project/business life on twitter. A good group of people responded, saying it was a good idea. I also threw my hat in the ring and then I left my panel to have a quick smoke. Because I’m surrounded by nerds, I decided to check into Foursquare.

And this is what happened…

Why It's Good Not to Connect Foursquare To Your Business Account

The Irony of this set of events was definitely not left on me at all. Besides a massive head shake and a series of online rubbings, this was a great example of why you should only not separate your business and personal accounts, but make sure you know which accounts are tied to which social network.

Because if this thing had popped up on the Armadillo account (which of course is tied directly to the Armadillo main web site), oh that would have been embarrassing.

Not like having 800 people think you’re the Marlboro Man reincarnated or anything, but pretty embarrassing.

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Seriously, what’s the problem with being a national icon like a smoking cowboy?

Rory · Mar 17, 12:11 pm · #permalink


Um, do me a favour and hold off on accelerating your predisposition for lung cancer – at least until we are near a place with affordable health care.

Caitlin · Mar 22, 05:25 pm · #permalink


Smoking Cowboys are to Turn-landia as Eduardo Najaria (Of Dallas Mavericks Fame) is to Mexico…

cto · Mar 29, 07:10 pm · #permalink

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