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Random Thoughts For Virginia Is For Hustlers Friday March 5, 2010

VA is For Hustlers

Nothing in the entire world could be more fitting, because today my friends, Virginia is indeed for Hustlers.

Today kicks off TURNERS MONTH OF MADNESS TRAVEL. Yes, today I fly to DC to finally see my wife. Remember the one who I married a couple of months ago, but then got accepted to a Masters program in Washington DC/Virginia. Yes, that one. I get to see her. I know, it’s kinda awesome.

But also, it means I get to go back to being a full time web design hustler. Freelancing, pixel pushing and coding for a living.

So yes, Virginia is indeed for hustlers.

First – Adding to their cannon of incredibly amazing T-shirts, is this gem from

Boom Box - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Bomberman FTW!

Second – For all of you who dig Polaroid cameras…………… Okay the two people who read this that are really in to Polaroids as much as I am, here is some interesting news. It seems that Polaprieum, the company which has been selling the remaining Polaroid stock out of Switzerland, has now fully moved over to the Impossible Project. (via. splorp)

Third – This is a technology move that doesn’t sound like much, but in a year will be critical to every image that you submit to the Google Overlords. Anyways, it seems that online photo editing software Picnik has been purchased by Google. For all you Flickr and Picca fans, this is huge news.

And if you’ve never tried Picnik before, you really need to give it a whirl. It’s essentially a free online version of Photoshop.

Fourth – If you love music, and really who doesn’t nowadays, you need to check out Gerry Loves Records our of Edinburgh. Yes, Edinburgh the same place that’s responsible for my favorite new band, Frightened Rabbits. It’s also a side project/label of a friend of mine, who has exceptional taste in music. So it’s guaranteed to be quality stuff.

Fifth – I didn’t get a chance to take this talk in last week, but if you’ve every been interested in PodCasting and how to get started Third Tuesdays Calgary has a full list of valuable resources to get started on creating your own PodCasts.

Sixth – Fun news for all you people looking to help curb your Olympics Hangover, vinyl toy store nation has a selection of vinyl reproductions of the Vancouver Mascots.

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