TEDxYYC Friday February 19, 2010

Next week, the first of what turns out to be 3 TEDx Calgary events kicks of with TEDxYYC. For the those not familiar, the TED talks have become an incredibly popular series of talks for inspiration and this year they are breaking off into smaller organized regional events.

The first of the three local incarnations of this concept is TEDxYYC is on next Friday and is organized by some of the crew from artsScene Calgary. This event looks to be a intresting rendition with talks from illustrious local alumni such as Lorrie Matheson and Rick Costligano. So in preparation, I thought I’d start exploring the archives of the TED talks. Anyways, for your pleasure here is a little taste of the TED concept, with one of the most interesting talks from Jamie Oliver and the always entertaining web nerd Ze Frank.

Update – Oh damn, how could I forgot my boy Anand’s TED talk on Bumptop.

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