Random Thoughts For Rocket Skates Friday February 26, 2010

So this random post is two weeks coming and clocks in at 13 separate ideas, which probably breaks a personal record of some sort. While I initially had something a bit more dramatic to dedicate these random thoughts to, I’ve thrown that out the window. Instead these random thoughts go out to Rocket Skates.

Better yet, the first single from the Deftones new disc which is called Rocket Skates.

Yes, kids, a new Deftones release is big news in the world of the old c.t.ovedrive. So talking about TEDxYYC and everything else will have to wait till next week.

First – Sick new shoes from my favorite little European Pixel Pushers.

Second – Ah, well now we can all officially get our knickers in a knot about locational based apps like Foursquare, Britekit and Gowalla. As noted in this nice little article about the new shock web site PleaseRobMe.com, we are all going to be robbed enmass because we don’t use common sense on Social Networks. (via. mastermaq)

Update: Foursquare has responded to PleaseRobMe.com controversy.

Third – Have you ever wondered what your favorite Social Networks would look like if it were reinterpreted like a retro 1960s-era paperback novel? Okay, probably not. But here is a cool list of “what they could possibly look like if that was done“http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/2010/02/how-the-internet-looks-as-vintage-books/. (via. poploser)

Fourth – Another great little article on TEDxYYC and the evolution of Calgary

Fifth – (Please note that I do understand the irony in this next random post). But Holy Toledo, there are a lot of This is what Canadians are articles popping up due to these Olympics. Have a look at this one in the New York Times or even better the 15 Signs You’re Talking To A Canadian (via. lydyzze)

Sixth – This is what happens to all broken Lego figurines … They face the Lego Grim Reaper...

Seventh – Last Wednesday the Ministry of Awesome (or a Ministry of a similar name) in England finally reveals decades of information regarding potential UFO cover-ups.

In completely unrelated news Robert Stack has risen from the grave. He’s pissed and he’s prepared to do Unsolved Mysteries Season 14.

Eighth – You all probably saw the horrible list of new baby names in Alberta last week. Unfortunately, most people were too preoccupied with the fact someone named their kid Ericlindross to notice that someone in this province named their kids Choas, Morpheus, Epic, Fury, Fyre, and Mystique.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past 30 years, is that in 20 years there’s either going to be a handful of weird strippers out there or a group of devious super-villains.

NinthThe Dali Lama is now on Twitter. Which in the end really just means that we can all look forward to more people retweeting even more catchy pockets of peace and harmony.

Tenth – Darth Vader can let the beat… drrrrrrrrrop?

(via. jbristowe)

Eleventh – A fantastically gorgeous site called They Make Apps. Which essentially works as directory for iPhone App developers… except you navigate it like a video game. Very, very cool. (via. nonimage’s blog)

Twelfth – Jay Dorn does a better job explaining why The Thermals are awesome then I ever could.

Thirteenth – An Irish company has completed a 1200 pound robotic replica of my worst freaking nightmare.

My sleep patterns thank you.

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Here is my favorite rocket skates clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf0r5yv9T80

I like when he says, “I broke my ass”

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