Random Thoughts For the Start of The Olympics Friday February 12, 2010

This could be the single best comment I’ve heard about the Opening Ceremonies tonight…

Hmmm, I wonder when the Opening Ceremonies are for the Olympics? I can’t remember after watching the Super Bowl this past weekend. (via. Pagal4321)

First – Let’s get into the Olympic spirit with this beauty. Apparently, a small time newspaper in Poland ran an image of the Vancouver 2010 Mascots to promote the games … Unfortunately, nobody told them that Pedobear wasn’t an official mascot. (via. Mr. Rennie)

Second – A pretty cool find from Poploser, it’s a site called My City vs. Your City. A little app which lets you compare your cities musical tastes with another city.

Interesting enough Calgary easily out triumphs Washington.

Third – Bet you didn’t know that Hienz has reworked their Ketchup Packages. I must say it’s a pretty brilliant design.

Fourth – Oh rats… It looks like my epic Unicorn fighting a whale over a cliff with lighting raining down in the background tattoo will have to wait a couple more years… Calgary Health authorities close down 7 in-home tattoo parlours

FifthThese are the companies in your neighbourhood

Crazy, crazy, crazy news for local publisher and Art Central main stay, UpperCase Gallery. Turns out they have be selected as one of 16 finalists in the annual Society of Publication Designers’ Magazine of the Year Awards. While being selected to be a finalist is pretty common, as there seems to be hundreds of awards out there, this one is huge. It means that Uppercase is in competition with magazines such as Wired, GQ, Time, Blender and the New York Times Style Magazine. (thanks to lbourgon for the heads up)

Unreal and congrats to them. That is fahking impressive for a husband and wife duo.

Sixth – More Calgary-based news. Here is a neat article on the draw of artists to Calgary’s downtown core neighbourhoods (via. TerryAtCADA. Which as we all know is the concept of Gentrification kids. Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a bad, bad, bad thing. It’s actually the basic life cycle of a thriving city.

See …

  • A city grows.
  • Artists gravitate to the city and establish themselves in the cheapest ‘hoods.
  • They set-up and build culture.
  • Developers and yuppies get wind of this and start developing upscale projects to leverage this new culture.
  • Artists can’t afford rent anymore, so they move to another inner city neighbourhood with cheaper rent. The cycle begins again.

All this means is that in 5-10 years the neighbourhoods the next article will be written about will be Montogmery, Bowness, Bridgeland, Lions Park, Ramsey, Ogden etc., etc.,

The world will be fine people. Gentrification is actually a good sign for the city. It means that we’re attracting the creative class.

Seventh – In honour of TEDxYYC here is a list of 5 key TED presentations on Social Media (via. darron)

Eighth – Not to put a damper on the day, but this is a rather stirring and emotional video clip. It’s from a poetry slam in Austin Texas by Gabrielle Bouliane about life called Don’t Waste Your Fahking Time.

… This was her last public performance.
Gabrielle was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer shortly before this video was filmed. She died in January 29, 2010 surrounded by family and friends, and apparently her passing was in a very quiet, peaceful room full of love and affection.

And for those shocked and in awe… Yes, I did just post to a poetry slam clip.

Ninth – Last but not least, here is the latest in a string of tumbr blogs showcasing Hipsters in funny photos… It’s Hippster Puppies

(via. sarahblue)

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