Random Thoughts For The UrbanDictionary.com Meme Friday February 5, 2010

So, if you’ve toiled on Facebook for the past couple of days, you’ll have noticed that some people are posting the definition of their name based on what ever appears on UrbanDictionary.com. (Which happens to be a hysterical site… albeit somewhat crude). It’s gaining momentum and to be honest I find it pretty hysterical. (Check out the old definition of Connor, while all of these are very true. #5 is probably the most likely. #1-#4 aren’t really age appropriate definitions).

The Urbandictionary Meme

Anyways, my point bieng, is that I want to congratulate the marketing guru or who ever is responsible for starting this meme. You, good sir are an absolute genius.

Thousands of new hits to a stale site and even more new visitors, all due to a simple idea which leverages our human instinct to be cooler than everyone else. It’s genius, funny and it probably didn’t cost UrbanDictionary one single dime.

Well Played! Very, well played.

First – Rhett and one of his friends, (whom I actually think is imaginary) have launched a new site called Today For Lunch. It’s a series of letters between two friends detailing what they eat and in a weird Knowledge For Thirst kinda way, it is pretty darn funny. (via. bailingbucket)

Second – Ah Foursquare. How I really need to stop writing about you… But this was too good to pass up… Anyways, did you know that Foursquare has a DoubcheBag badge? Bet you didn’t know that.

I’m just curious, which bar in Calgary has been bestowed this great honour? Melrose? Metropolitan Grill? The new Mercury? The Owner of Nellie’s?

Third – I think I wet myself.

Sega to release a cheap classic console system this summer. It will only play vintage Sega games on a Wii like interface.

Fourth – Continuing on from the last point, I just want to reconfirm to anyone who reads this that I don’t really pee myself or wet myself as much as it may sound. I’m just easily excitable by old school gaming and T-Shirts.

Fifth – This is very cool news for a local developer. Terry Stasiuk is getting a fair bit of exposure for his great iCheer app. If you’re heading to the Olympics, download the app and help out a local developer.

Sixth – For those times when only a good old Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! will do. (via. myownbiggestfan)

Seventh – My wife is in the middle of what has been called as the 2010 Snowpocalypse of D.C.. Apparently, it’s estimated that 1-11 inches of the wet fluffy stuff is set to land in Virginia/D.C. this weekend.

Now before we all laugh at the ridiculous nature of this weather warning, especially the people for Saskatchewan, please note that this is the same area of the world that doesn’t have a Winter Semester. (via Chronotope)

Eighth – I’ve already forwarded this on to a few others, but it looks like Ales Kotalik has one fan … With Mad MS Paint Skillz and some love for trashy Euro dance music. P.S. make sure you turn down your speakers, before clicking… or you’ll be in for a shock (via. jbristow)

Ninth – By the way, you should all do two things this weekend. 1) Read the corporations article called a Tale of Two Bars 2) Head down to The District pub (where the old Fox and Firkin used to be)… Trust me both are well worth it.

Tenth – I’ll sneak this one in at the end. If you are in Calgary and at Art Central, make sure you check out UpperCase Gallery and their latest exhibit – A Showing of Letters. Very, very cool stuff.

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Thanks Connor. We’re just beginning to play around with the idea for “Today for Lunch” but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Rhett Soveran · Feb 5, 11:03 am · #permalink


..aaaand I can’t tell the difference between ‘Preview’ and ‘Submit’.
My epic rant about UrbanDictionary is gone.

You win this time, Spiderman…

Jamie · Feb 5, 12:23 pm · #permalink


I hope you’re taking your snowboard to DC.


goates · Feb 8, 10:09 pm · #permalink


Rhett – Not a problem. It’s a really entertaining site and I hope you guys keep up with it.

Jamie – One day, one day, I’ll switch to WordPress or something less frustrating. But until that day I take the plunge, we’re stuck with crappy textpattern. At least it’s not like facebook, were it suddenly ask you to login in the middle of publishing and erases everything.

Goates – Oh man. The snowstorm has gone from SNOWMAGGEDONSNOWPOCALYPSESNOWVERKILL.

cto · Feb 12, 12:38 pm · #permalink

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