Random Thoughts For A Brainless Friday Friday May 26, 2006

All that was left of my fledging intelligence was zapped out of my skull by Charlie’s Angels – Full Throtle last night. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t resist the movie’s supervillian: Seamus O’Grady. I must have some twisted subconscious draw to Seamus. I don’t know if it’s the overtop ridiculousness of the character or that it could possible be the most outlandish Irish stereotype of all time. I’ve been pigeonholed with some horrible Irish stereotypes, but this one has to take the cake. Honestly, what self-respecting Irishman would prance around with a Cheesy Faux-Hawk/mullet, a set of ridiculous sideburns, a horrible Irish accent and the lamest star tattoo this side of a KIA commercial?

Seamus O'Grady - Irish Stereotype?

Zero: Lordi Wins Eurovision Title. Finland Goes Crazy. Satan set to set-up shop in Scandinavia.

First – From the vault of my youth, the Wizard is officially released on DVD in late August. Besides the release of Tron and the Back to the Future Trilogy, I can’t think of a movie that better encompasses the best of the 80’s. Christian Slater, Fred Savage, Double Dragon and Ninja Turtles the Video Game all rolled into one Movie. I even think a Baldwin was involved. So if you want to get all hype up on old video games checkout ROMNation for all your old classic emulated NES and Sega Games. I recommend G.I.Joe the video game. It’s a killer one.

Second – Get ready for this. To celebrate Plah-Doh’s 50th Anniversary they have just introduced Play-Doh Cologne. What does it smell like you ask? Well like a freshly opened canister of Play-Doh. I can’t wait for Plah-Doh inspired candles, lingerie or even Plah-Doh roofies.

Third – So this is what Thom Yorke’s Mind looks like. Visually the site is amazing. It really reminds me of the creepy animation introduction to PBS’s Mystery Theater. (That shit used to freak me out as a young whippier snapper) But musically the site really doesn’t peak my interest. It seems like such a conter productive concept to promote your solo record. It seems the animation overshadows the whole concept, essentially transforming the music into white noise. Of course what would you expect from the mastermind behind Radiohead.

Fourth – An excellent trailer for the new Charleton Heston Flick Ten Things I hate about the Commandments (courtesy of busblog + Tony Pierce) Warning, the website is probably NSFW though.

Fifth – I’ve mentioned this before, but I still can’t get enough of Gnarls Barkley. Smiley Faces is just too catchy. Update: Nathan over at Music-Critic beat me to the punch and dropped a great review of St. Elsewhere.

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