Sunday January 24, 2010

So in 2006, when I was just getting my feet wet with this whole blogging web design garbage, a little site called was making huge waves. It essentially tracks the music you play via iTunes or even Winamp… I think maybe. Anyways, it was the next big thing.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it caught on as well as it should of. Maybe the hype was a little ahead of the times, because it’s a great service for music nerds who love to tracking their music habits. It works behind the scenes and I always seem to forget that it’s tracking my music habits. So tonight for some ungodly reason I decide to have a check on my stats, some interesting information has come up. So for those curious as to what I listen to on a regular basis, below are the Top Ten artists I’ve listened to over the past 4 years… For those not so interested, skip down to Friday’s Random Thoughts. (…pssst It may take some time for the charts to actually appear)

To say that Mash-ups aren’t my thing now would be a complete lie. Want some further proof, check out my top ten tracks of the past 4 years.

Interesting stats, that I’m sure have been skewed over the past few months with my iPod Touch. Now here’s a question, if you use what are you’re stats?

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