Random Thoughts For Sweet Memories Of The Wedding Friday January 22, 2010

This made my day… It’s Don’t Stop Believing by a bunch of New York School Kids. (you can thank my cousin in-law Lyndsie for that link)

The last time I heard this was at our wedding … At least these kids kept their pants on.

First – From the CBC ten bands that are expected to make it big in 2010... And by expected, I mean might. We are Canadians after all and making bold statements about success really isn’t our thing.

Second – The Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno feud… explained by Intense JAPANESE 3D ANIMATION…. Conan O’Brien as The HULK and some other dude as Capt. America. (via. Jaydorn)

Third – This might come as a shock to some, but Matt Good (of The Matthew Good Band fame) is increasingly becoming one of the most interesting celebrities on the Internet.

Yes, you can judge his political stances, his opinions on government influences, his opinions on his fans and the music industry; but without question the way he’s using the Interwebs to connect with fans and stay in the online consciousness is really impressive. Recently, he announced that he was going to switch to a subscription fee model for his site … But that disappeared and now it looks like they are taking a different approach … maybe … Something about pubic hair.

Either way, it’s interesting and he’s pushing the concept of a personal brand in to a whole new realm.


Fourth – To be honest, I haven’t watch late night television since my Jr. High years, but this whole Conan vs. Leno feud is highly entertaining.

Watch as Conan does what every jilted employee would love to do and spends his last few days of employment blowing the company’s expense account.

FifthThese are the companies (sorta) in your neighbourhood.

I’m going to go off the charts for a bit and got to the home of one of my best friends… That’s right. We’re running to Saskatoon.

Anyways, at the Digital Alberta event on Tuesday I ran into a member of team ZuLabs an interatctive company out of Saskatoon that has done some great media campaigns with large Canadian companies. During our discussions, Stephanie mentioned that their team has broken into the iPhone App market in a huge way with their TimmyMe App http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/home/News.asp?id=49621.

Yup, an app that allows you to find the nearest Tim Hortons. Genius, eh?

Well it’s also a pretty simple and slick application, with a well designed interface. It’s already made a wave on the market, but I thought I’d give it a shout out. It’s a great idea and it’s a simple way to get a product out there. Plus it’s free.

So congrats to ZuLabs & TimmyMe.

Sixth – I just wet myself… My man-crush Damon Albarn is back in the studio again. This time it looks like Gorillaz are gearing up for a new album to coincide with their Cochachella Show.

Seventh – I choked on my coffee twice reading this week’s edition of Poploser’s Amusing Myself to Death... The first choke was during the Gamer synopsis and the second… Well, you’ll just have to guess.

Eighth – From Kermitology … It’s a series of Star Wars branded Adidas shoes.

Yeah, I’m freaking serious… They even have STORMTROOPER shoes.

Those would look killer with my Star Wars cufflinks.

Ninth – Also, for all you entrepreneurs out there make sure you read Duncan’s work with local serial entrepreneur Ken Bautista. If you’re curious as to how to get your idea of the ground in Canada, make sure you get on board with this series of stories.

Tenth – Last, but not least as apart of the High Performance rodeo in Calgary, The Uptown is showing Art & Copy. A highly regarded documentary on Advertising.

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