Random Thoughts For Realizing I Failed as a Barista Friday January 8, 2010

In a past life, in a shopping mall that’s been renovated more than 5 times, I was once a coffee Barista. They were the days of youth – hangovers, minimum wage and five espresso shot morning. But because of that glorious time in my life, I now have an deep respect for people who can work an espresso machine… But this collection of latte art has put my lackluster Barista skills to shame.

But it has given me hope for the future.

Today I am decreeing that by the time my niece is old enough to drink a latte, I’m going to have mastered the art of the latte… To the point where I can draw a Unicorn fighting a Whale with Lightning in foam…

That’s right kids… UNICORN fighting a WHALE!

FirstFacebook gets it’s own bottle of water

Suddenly, I can’t wait for Twitter RedBull or Foursquare Malt liquor…

SecondVanity Fair has a piece on last week’s Winter Classic between Bawwston and Philadelphia. Thereby proving that Hockey is more than just a great way for a starlet to find a husband. (via JayOnrait)

Third – Who wants to purchase a business? No seriously… Who wants to own a legitimate business? You essentially have until Sunday to put in bids to own FAIL Sticker.com-

Fourth – Well it kinda does…

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Shirt - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Fifth – This made me feel warm and fuzzy in a good way. Polaroid & Lady Gaga are now business partners.

Sixth – Besides the Zipper, this is the greatest invention in the History of mankind… The Irish Car Bomb Float … Mr. Shaw, I think this is a great way to celebrate the new addition to your family. (via. lbourgon)

SeventhLost Season 6.0 Promotional photos of the cast as the Last Supper… Lost Nerds beware....

Eighth – In preparation for our decent down to Virginia, here’s a great graph on why showing the costs per person for different Health Care Systems vs. Life Expectancy (via. kottke.org)

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But you served more customers in 15 minutes than Starbucks does in an hour…with a smile too.

Your “old” boss

Salim · Jan 8, 01:18 pm · #permalink



Salim that has to be the most unexpected comment and the best comment I have ever recieved on this blog.

Ahh the good old Grabbajabba days, how I miss those days Boss. ;) One day, I’ll make a fancy latte art and I’ll post it here for you to be proud of me about.

I hope life is treating you well Salim. Definitely keep in touch Boss.

cto · Jan 9, 09:41 am · #permalink


Irish car bomb float to celebrate the birth of a child – brilliant! My better half may disagree, however…sounds tasty, though.

It was good to see you the other day. Have a good time in Washington. Say hi to Ovechkin…but maybe steer clear of Arenas.

hobo4hire · Jan 10, 01:13 am · #permalink


That’s awesome Travis.

It was great to see you again and I’m really happy for the two of you. Such great news… Just promise one thing, don’t name the kid Burrows, Sedin, Trevor, Pavel, Markus or Kirk… Actually naming your kid after Kirk McLean would be pretty awesome.

(PS. I hear Arenas is pretty good in a water gun fight)

cto · Jan 14, 09:09 am · #permalink

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