The Turners Go To Washington Tuesday January 5, 2010

Alright! So I really don’t want to continue filling this site with all these emo/personal posts, but it’s kinda time to let the cat out of the bag for a wee bit of secret to start 2k10.

So here’s a bit of the back story.

For the past few years, my fiancée wife has been working with an impressive resiliency to try and get into Law School. We’ve applied to schools in Canada and the US and unfortunately none of our options ever panned out. So in March of this year, we made a conservative effort to look at different options instead of Law School. You know think outside of the box a bit. We started weighing the pros and cons of a 4 year law program and 2 years of pre-practise and our own goals as a couple. It became pretty clear that the life of a lawyer was beginning to look a little less appealing. So we started to explore different programs and through some conversations with a family friend we learned about a little school in Fairfax, Virginia called George Mason University. Now some of you may remember them from their glorious final four run in 2006 and others may have to look at a map and go where the F$%k is that. (It’s a suburb of Washington D.C.)

Anyways, at this little school is a little program called the Institution for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. After some discussion, we decided to apply and after a frantic week in October, her application for Spring 2010 was sent away.

Fast forward to Dec 12th (The Monday before our wedding) and I received a cryptic early morning forward from my future wife, saying read this. Upon further investigation it was revealed that Caitlin was accepted to the Masters of Conflict Analysis and Resolution program at ICAR for the Spring of 2010…

That’s Good Right?

That’s what I thought, as I air-pumped my fists at my computer.

But there was one problem… It would appear that in Virginia, January 19th is the new spring.

Ooo That’s a bit of a problem.

So to our dismay we suddenly realized that we had a little over 4 weeks to figure how to get married, enjoy Christmas and ship my beautiful wife off to Tobacco Country.

Some of you maybe be putting things together now and figuring out why we’ve been so quiet over the past few weeks. So to wrap the big secret up in to a nice little nut shell – The Turners are moving to Washington D.C..

So far our plan is to have my lovely wife there ready for school in less than a week and then I will be departing in a U-Haul in early March/Late February. With plans to set-up shop before SXSW 2010.

There are so many emotions attached to this opportunity and the speed of it all still has us in a bit of shock. There’s the excitement of my wife’s personal success and the opportunities in a new region … But there are also the insecurities that come with every risk and the sadness of leaving our friends and family and the community in yyc. It’s all very exciting and very overwhelming … and these are all emotions I’ll probably touch upon in later posts.

For those curious about the large white elephant in the corner eating peanuts and listening to his iPod – Don’t worry the corporation will still be alive and kicking. Actually, it is our hope that this move will finally allocate myself the wherewithal to finally take the company where I want it to go. I’ll be working the company’s magic in both cities but more importantly for those in the know … that’s right kids, no more dual jobs. Instead, I will be focusing more of my time and efforts on solely working on Armadillo and freelancing web design.

Sidenote: If you are looking for web design help … Armadillo Studios is your company… wink… wink… nudge… nudge. Please don’t make me beg.

So with 20-10 underway we are happy to announce that The Turners are going to Washington … so stay tuned. things will definitely be changing on the old overdrive… yet again.

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After a blog post as the one above there is not a doubt (mind u not that there ever was) that just like Obama you both will have success in Washington-and bring immense change-for the better!!——just steer clear of the lobbyists.

And of all the people who could make this work-it will be c-tover-drive and glutastic. Because “of course” sprng session starts in january-“of course”—-sounds like my kinda school ;)

Heart shapes always,

tendermoresfuls · Jan 5, 03:37 pm · #permalink


Oh, wow! That’s exciting! It must be nice to be able to call January “spring” term. I half think SAIT should call the term we’re going into something like “dead of winter term.” ;)

Washington seems like a cool place. I’ve never been, but it has to be historical, and I am a history nerd. :D And maybe you can sneak into an Obama party, because I hear it’s not hard!!!

Aisling · Jan 5, 04:50 pm · #permalink


That’s so exciting!! We wish you all the best.The Turners are going to take DC by storm….while your at it,try and crash a white house party!!

Love always,
Jenna and Noah

jenna · Jan 5, 06:24 pm · #permalink


Hi there! Welcome to Fairfax and GMU! The ICAR program is one pretty unique to GMU and I think it’s fascinating. I’m sure your wife won’t regret it. I have a friend who’s in the undergrad counterpart and loves it.

The Spring semester does seem to be starting awfully early this year, I’m not sure why. All it takes is one full day of snow and everything shuts down here for a week :P, you’d think they’d want to avoid that possibility.

If you’re looking for clients, hook up with the DC social media scene—always folks looking for web design there. Check out @smcdc and look at the area’s meetups, there are a lot of folks involved and looking around for help.

You should also check out the GMU Student Media Twitter account @GMUStudentMedia and the lists at

If you are looking for Fairfax news there’s the FairfaxVANews account and you may find some folks looking for local web designers on the FairfaxVAJobs account.

There’s a bit of a social media intro to Fairfax VA :), hope it helps. With any luck, perhaps I’ll see you at an event around town.

-Aram Zucker-Scharff

Aram ZS · Jan 6, 12:45 pm · #permalink


Ahh, Tendermorsefuls where would we be without you. Thanks for the well wishes in our trip and the comments about the post.

Alising and Jenna, thank you guys so much for the well wishes. It'll be a crazy adventure, but also an amazing time.

cto · Jan 6, 01:17 pm · #permalink



Thank you so much for the comments and the information you listed. It has been a daunting task to find some of the social media/design circles in Washington/Fairfax and these links are a great help in the right direction.

I’m really looking forward to our move and I’m sure we’ll cross paths, either on campus or during the various social meet-ups in the area.

Cheers and Thanks once again.

cto · Jan 6, 02:07 pm · #permalink

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