Random Thoughts For A Miss-published Random Thoughts Monday January 4, 2010

So some how in the lame chaos that was Dec 30th & 31st, I seemed to forget how to use the publish button on Textpattern. Because of which, my final list of random thoughts for 2009 didn’t make it to the Internet. But fear not, because my stupidity is now your gain… well sort of… everyone gets an early Random Thoughts.

First – Great news in the world of Social Media and iPhone apps, Hootsuite has upgrade their iPhone App to allow first generation iPod Touch compatibility.

Signal the chorus of Hurrahs you hear, is from all first generation Touch owners.

Second – From what has to be is the single best Hockey-humour blog in the entire world comes Down Goes Brown’s post on the history of NHL Players vs. Cars.

The victim: Kyle Okposo
The incident: Filed police report after being run over by speeding oil tanker. The charges were withdrawn after a review of the video determined it was actually just Dion Phaneuf.

Third – Paste Magazine lists the Top 50 Movies of the past decade. Surprisingly, neither Reign of Fire or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were included on this list.

Fourth – Ah yeah, that’s right more lists … But at least this one is from the L.A. Times – The Top Ten Social Media Moments of 2009.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood.

This is less of a feature on a company and more of just a great article. Which ultimately does a better job featuring some of the companies in Alberta than I could have. It’s DuncanKinney’s The Quest for the Killer App? article from this month’s Alberta Venture magazine. It’s a great read and features some of the companies and events I’ve been talking about on c.t.overdrive.

Sixth – Just ignore the NSFW link title of this article. But check out the article on TechCrunch about the web site DeviantArt’s 100 Millionth piece of work, (which is a NSFW piece) and you’ll see a hand drawing of a freaking Arctic UNICORN. Just don’t open it at work or where they track link titles.

But seriously, a freaking ARCTIC UNICORN

SeventhThe Onion takes on Alexander Ovechkin

Hmmm…. I had no idea he hawks around Washington like Batman. I’ll have to keep my eye out for that one.

Eighth – From the Herald, it’s a look at the booming creative class in Calgary. (via. Creative Class guru Richard Florida & DJ Kelly)

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