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Random Thoughts For A Boxing Day Tradition Of Sorts Tuesday December 29, 2009

We have a tradition, and by we, I mean my furry little Ph.D friend and I. This tradition has spanned almost 6 Boxing Days. It starts with breakfast at Nellie’s and then involves the two of us taking on the most ridiculously busy mall in the city.

This year we took on MALLZAC and the monstrosity that is the Bass Pro Shop=. We even took turns at shooting robotic raccoons with lasers…. That’s right Robotic Raccoons with Laser Guns…. That just blew your mind.

Bass Pro Shop Laser Raccoon Killer


First – A hilarious, but possibly not safe for work article on why Jersey Shore is the Worst thing to happen to the East Coast. (via

Second – More reasons why James Franco is a golden god and even more reasons why NBC just doesn’t understand the Web.. (BTW for my Canadian readers if you go to GlobalTV you can catch all the skits from Franco’s SNL stint)

Third – If you’ve got an interest in the Climate Change debate and a bit more patience than I do, please check out this graphical representation of the Climate Change Deniers point of view vs. The Scientific Community Consensus (via I_Q)

Fourth5 really good reasons to punch a Dolphin in the Mouth … (via.

Fifth – Stereogum has released a year-end in review cocktail mix tape mash-up to celebrate the end of 2009. If it is anything like the mix tape they released last year, all you hipster kids will need to download it… ASAP. Come people, it’s got bands like Phoenix, The XX, Chroemo and others are mixed up with U2, Taylor Swift and The Cure.

You can preview the tracks below if you’re interested. But my advice is to just down load the sucker and enjoy.

Sixth – Hey Kids, it’s time to play around of STARBUCKS Bingo. Pssst. If you ever run into me at Starbucks you’ll have B1 locked

SeventhApparently, even though I was incredibly lazy with this list of random thoughts, it appears that I also decided to throw my entire concept of the English language out the window. My apologizes to people who read the first version of this post.

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